Trump spokesman angry at fact


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There can be no greater affront to the importance of your feelings than a fact.

(Also, didn’t David Byrne firmly establish that talking heads don’t like facts ages ago?)


I know it’s cliche but it’s never been more fitting.


The best part, aside from his inability to retort, was her actual question:

##What is the point of all this?!?



The light of intelligence did not gutter brightly in his eyes…


Please God let them just fuck this up and suffer a humiliating, crushing defeat. Please.


Whoa…does the word belligerent mean any thing here? That guy will never win a “warm and fuzzy” award.


But, That guy will win a "farm and wuzzy" award. Whatever that is…


From the brief clip, I’d expect it to be the “smarm and scuzzy”.


His words only communicate “Says who?” but his demeanor is communicating the unstated “Says who, you dumb broad?”

He behaves this way just to demonstrate his dominance over her.


Trump 2016: Think with your spleen.


Clinton 2016: Do not take truce with the unruly spleen of Trump-alt. Let his spleen destroy himself.


so does anyone else think the moment for ted cruz has passed or are there still folks who think the republicans will nominate a REAL conservative in 2020?


At this point I think they’ve moved on to

It’s amazing this guy is a spokesman. The tRump campaign actually looked at the various people working for it and said “Yeah, this is the guy who, of all of us, is best able to talk to the press. He’s the guy we want representing tRump”


Did anyone else notice his nutcracker mouth seams? It opens and instead of producing a delicious ready-to-eat nut out blurts a simple phrase in a belligerent and not-so-delicious tone.


You mean someone who even his mother can’t stand?


And we know which organ it is.