Cop in bikini tackles thief to the ground before his arrest


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Boy, did that perp get off easy. Tackled by a cop who apparently weighs significantly under 160 pounds, who is not wearing body armor and brandishing weaponry. He was even given the luxury of landing on turf.

Y’see, American cops? With the right training, you can catch a bad guy without going full Rambo!


Yeah the comparison is stark.


Associate! Associate!

Then she stood up, brushed herself off and said; “next!”


Meanwhile, perp’s accomplice made off with her shoes.


Those aren’t her shoes; they don’t even match the bikini!


As an American, this new form of non-ballistic justice frightens and confuses me.


That star-spangled bikini makes me think she enforces the law in the alternate America of my dreams. Like the Bartlet administration.


I’m just proud of myself for noticing the shoes at all.



A real life Wonder Woman… who coincidentally, like the original, is also not American.

Life is so weird sometimes…





Any minute now we’ll see @Brainspore shooping in a golden lasso and diadem and wrist cuffs to complete the image.


Well, of course. Hence the confusion part.


Damn, it’s the Swedish, inverted version of

(Where, instead of a large, male, fully armed cop tackling a young woman in a bikini for no legitimate reason…)

Is that first picture a cop or someone doing Judge Dredd cosplay?


That is awesome. I’ve been thinking we should disarm the police, like they they do in Britain, but now I’m thinking they should also be required to patrol in bikinis. Or at least, just the men.

Seriously, though, she’s got some impressive muscles. And it’s not just her and her collar that are amazing; the composition of that shot is classic Renaissance golden spiral - start from her head, trace through her partner’s, the perp’s, and then the girl behind them. I absolutely love it.



Talk about “surreal.”


I’d say there’s nothing strange about that arousal.
I can’t help but think that if this was representative of Swedish policing, the recidivism rate in Sweden would be terrible, but this would be balanced out by the criminals being strangely easy to catch.


Reminds me of this exchange:

Superman: You’re strong!

Wonder Woman: I know…




My dental hygienist is a competitive body builder - IIRC she placed top three in state last year.

She wears it well, is immensely more powerful than me (has a vein she calls Mr. Squiggles) & is still the picture of femininity.

She makes my dentist visits totes enjoyable.