Cop in bikini tackles thief to the ground before his arrest


Hmm, must be the logical next career move for former Swedish Bikini Team members.


Hmm. Supes being the gentleman he is only has eyes for her eyes, but I’m afraid I can’t help noticing how gravity-defiant WW’s bosom happens to be there…

Will no-one ever draw those correctly?


As you should be!

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Maybe there should be more gender equity in the illustration department. Maybe I’m mistaken but hopefully breasts could be more realistically drawn by those who have them.


You would think that they could be drawn relatively accurately by any visual artist who’s spent more than a couple minutes looking at them. There definitely should be more gender equity, no doubt about it. But they gave at least a moment’s thought to how her hair should hang, upside down and back to the wind. Maybe bewbz don’t look so classically appealing to the teenage dudebro’s eye when gravity pulls 'em toward the shoulders, but sheesh.


Sweden Gripped in Sudden, Inexplicable Crime Wave


What, you have a problem with hover-boobs?


& @SpunkyTWS



Well, those Amazonian demigoddesses have… unexpected superpowers, I guess!


Or, as my ex liked to call them, anti-gravity titties.


I confess, I’d have no problem with the ones I encountered in real life, if I ever did.


I suppose they exist on the ISS, but I doubt those women can get their hair to behave as well as Wonder Woman’s.


yes, but option #1 has much better UV protection.


Against Ultra-Violent A perps or Ultra-Violent B ones?


I’ve come a long way.


I will freely admit the shoe-area was kind of in a dead zone for me because my eyes got distracted by better things.


She was wearing shoes?

ETA: Oh good, she isn’t wearing shoes. I’d thought so! I was worried there for a second that I was that guy.



Yeah, I know, objectification/male gaze/her eyes are somewhere else, that’s why I’m giving myself points for the shoes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a man,
But I can change.
If I have to.
I guess.


They were points well earned!

I just embrace it though. I’m easily distracted by shiny things, so I’m pretty consistent about it. I’m still big on respect for people’s actual selves and it’s been a long time since I had a relationship with somebody who’s eyes didn’t rove more than mine did. I don’t have a need for a guilty conscience. :slight_smile: