Gun-waving cop who attacked black teenaged girl in her bathing suit faces no charges

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To be fair, those Urban Thugs could’ve had Skittles hidden in their hoodies. If anything, he under-reacted.


It’s ok, everyone- Officer Casebolt will surely find employment in another, nearby local where he can continue to earn a salary protecting the (white) public.

Oh, wait.

I continue, as ever, to look for a way off this planet.


He’s clearly suffered enough, having had to resign. He will never again be his happy-go-lucky self, with his tackling and dive rolls. [/sarcasm]


Well, there’s no evidence. She’s still alive, nothing happened. Calm down, people.


I guess the rolling does help.

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Well, all those kids speaking respectfully and behaving compliantly could have been a ruse. For what? That’s still under investigation but that whole situation looked ruse-like and potentially too tricksy for the boys in blue. No wonder the officer did a combat roll.


Wait, didn’t Rick Grimes kid shoot that guy?

I’m stealing that Eva Green gif; thanks.


Is there a list somewhere that we can consult when our police or sheriff departments adds staff to make sure our new enforcement officer isn’t Eric Casebolt or another of his ilk?

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“I always equate police work to, like, basketball. If you’re not getting any fouls, you’re not playing hard enough,” says Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis.

Monday’s NPR All Things Considered

Over and over, we see the problem in the ideas, attitudes, values and training of police culture. hashtag-not-just-bad-apples


There are many places in the world where police don’t see their first responsibility as intimidation.

I want to live in one.

all this for 20 seconds of action is a price too steep


Man I wish there was some video or audio recordings of the event so we could have enough evidence…
Seriously, can we get a charge for prosecutorial misconduct due to abetting police brutality?


Two things spring to mind when you see these jackoffs with badges get off scot-free again and again and again…

1 - When they’re allowed to conveniently resign rather than being fired or charged, does that allow them to retain pensions or remain employable as cops in other depts?

2 - These are the brave law-enforcement officers that we’re supposed to relinquish our self-defense to? Dude can’t handle a kid in a bikini, but he’s gonna stop TEH TERRORISTZ.

These days, LEOs and the organizations they serve, do nothing to make me feel they’re all too concerned with protecting/serving/etc. Unless it’s their own ranks being protected and served.


So, we should only get up in arms about murder? Seems like we should seek to curb abuse of power early on, rather than when you got some kid’s dead body on the pavement for a few hours, yeah?

Or are you being sarcastic? Cause I can help with that?


I think my posting history would make it clear that I am being ironic. I’m afraid that in this country it is considered OK to do irony without the signifier.

Sarcasm I try to avoid.

My bad then… I think my irony meter was turned off last night… please carry on!

And I perhaps wasn’t obvious enough.
Events in this country at the moment are beyond irony. I’m fast approaching jump up and down.


Yeah, I know. Me right now (but not as Cillian Murphy looking)…