Pool Party policeman named; video of him abusing teens was added to "Police Training" playlist


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I was really hoping that it was added to a playlist of what NOT to do, in a rapid response by police to try to prevent this insanity from ever happening again. But no, of course it’s his personal gallery of brutality, and nothing will be done whatsoever.


Christ, what an asshole.


The whole description is so sketchy, I can’t draw any conclusions at all.


If that is his YouTube account, then just that brief glimpse paints a picture of someone that thinks that the statement “They pull a knife, you pull a gun” is not only a damn fine way of doing things, but is actually insufficiently escalating and shows restraint!


How could such guy pass the psychological tests…


Looks like the McKinney police department acted abruptly and properly against an officer that (while committing no crime) does not have the temperament to be a peace officer. If other police departments would do the same, we probably wouldn’t have horrible, lethal events like those in Cleveland and Los Angeles (where cops can’t be summarily fired even if they are convicted of a crime).


I think some people don’t start out that way, but are poisoned by the culture some police precincts nurture.


It depends what they’re testing for, doesn’t it?


If you spend even a couple minutes thinking about it, I’m sure you’ll find half a dozen crimes committed.

Try this - consider what crimes would have been committed if the exact same acts had come from a neighbour, not a cop responding to the neighbour’s call, then individually consider whether the fact of man being a cop actually eliminates the crime.


Pass them? Hell, he probably chairs the committee that writes them.


He read the book “Lying, For Fun and Profit!”


I’m with @dragonfrog, there were a fair number of crimes committed by Officer Zealous. Assault, battery, making terroristic threats, endangering a minor (several counts), unlawful detention (several counts) and disorderly conduct… I’m probably missing a few, including the possible sexual assault of the girl in the bikini, who is most likely a minor. Hard to tell for sure in the video on that last one.


From some reading around, I understand she’s 15 years old.


He also seems to be vice president of the police union, so that could be nasty.


I didn’t see this post when I posted in the other thread about this cop, but I said it is interesting how he only orders the black males to the ground. Well, with the one except of the girl?


Great. So we can possibly add criminal sexual misconduct with a minor to the growing list of charges that would be laid on a badge-less citizen.


Gawker’s Brendan O’Connor reports that “decase73” did not take down his social networking profiles fast enough to stop the internet finding out about his “Police Training” youtube playlist, stocked with videos of cops brutalizing members of the public and showing off their toys and tactics.

Why take down his social networking profiles? The only thing I hate more than bigoted violent asshats are bigoted violent asshats turned faux apologists. We get more debate and dialogue if we can get people and institutions to be frank about why they suppose people should be treated like this. When they seem to feel justified and apologize anyway seems like sweeping under the rug. Apologies from people who don’t mean it are not justice or progress - they are worthless deflections.


@dragonfrog it is not reasonable to compare a neighbor to a cop. Neighbors are not allowed to handcuff and detain people “for causing a disturbance”. The agents of government are granted a monopoly for forceful compulsion. This is why we should be much, much more worried about an increase in power to a bureaucrat than about relative wealth inequality of a millionaire. Only one of these can actually force you to act against your will.

The Executives of the Law are granted a wide range of discretion which enables them cause great harm within the performance of their duties. That’s why we should be worried about executives that have demonstrated a lack of humility in their roles or a significant degree of shadiness. If a cop doesn’t demonstrate the right temperament, he/she should be fired regardless of whether they didn’t anything explicitly “illegal”.


Deflections are hardly worthless to the people employing them, no? They are a form of PR armor, not there for your benefit.