Pool Party policeman named; video of him abusing teens was added to "Police Training" playlist


Right - but in this case, what he did was illegal.


They are worthless to the people employing them, because their lack for any sort of cogent argument for how they do things discredits them. It portrays them as hypocritical, deceitful, inept, and unworthy of respect. Is that the PR they really wanted? This tends to be a problem I find with “authoritarians”, generally - the many “outs”, the implausible deniability of wanting to order people around, while simultaneously claiming to be hapless victims of circumstance.

If they are so sure of themselves, their sense of conviction and pride should be stronger.


Camera kid speaks out


They pull a knife, you pull a gun, but then it gets stuck coming out of your holster - the knife is pretty useful though, given the close quarters, so you tuck and roll, but wait they’re ducking and covering while you tuck and roll. You roll right by them, they begin to peel an apple with the knife so you drive the gun in a rightward direction into your own groin. Ah hah! They weren’t expecting that! They eat the apple and spit out the seeds, you fart like a possum.


I’m trying so hard to not be cynical here that I had to post this meta-reply.


Got your head up your ass, eh?

I sat on a jury that convicted a miscreant of a felony for doing almost the exact same thing as that “officer”. As difficult as it is to believe, in Texas, brandishing a weapon is a serious crime.

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All too often a series that ends at episode 2: shooting people.


That’s only if the deflection doesn’t work. Officer Unfriendly here didn’t take down his social media stuff because he was ashamed or suddenly came to examine his own attitudes, he took it down because his lawyer told him it could be discovered and entered into evidence.

He’s still plenty sure of himself, he just doesn’t want to deal with a deluge of backlash from all those welfare queen thugs and the bleeding heart hippie eggheads who love them. They don’t understand what it’s like out there on the street, nobody understands except his brothers in black & blue. The deflection and obfuscation only discredits his stance in the eyes of those whose opinion he doesn’t care about (except pragmatically,) and it was already pretty firmly discredited to them to begin with.

Anyway, do you think this guy even knows what “cogent argument” means, let alone is capable of constructing one?


Under the rules applied to several cases recently discussed, that sounds a lot like obstruction of justice, if a prosecutor were to decide he’s a “bad guy” who deserves to get got. (Although I guess a civil case would be a different matter.)


So perhaps the “ninja roll” was from “North Korea powerful elite troop’s martial art training [guided by Kim Jong Un]”


Don’t be stupid. It is not illegal anywhere for a cop to brandish a weapon. Never has been. This guy lacks the temperament to be a cop. It appears that the McKinney police force is removing him before he seriously hurts people. I wish this were standard operating procedure for police forces around the country. It is not due to reflexive intention to “back the police” and reflexive deference to public service unions.


Which means the judge gave us flawed instructions.

That is truly great news for you. There is a piece of shit rotting in a Texas prison who will pay you a large sum of money for your legal expertise.


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