Man exonerated after video shows unprovoked police beating, cops insist all is well

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Fucking pigs.


The most imperiled I feel in everyday life is when I see a cop.

The cop could decide to kill me. In cold blood. In broad daylight. While being recorded. And as a consequence will be given a few weeks paid vacation, then go back to work as usual.


Gee, do ya think?


Those cops drew down on him.

The only reason to do so was if they planned on shooting him. Any other excuse is a violation of their firearms training. If they claim any other excuse then they prove themselves incompetent to carry a weapon as part of their job.

If they’re going back on regular duty (I’m sure they already are) there is no reason they should be allowed to have their firearms until they re-take their firearms safety training, and re-qualify at the range.

They talk about being qualified for whatever-and-such weapons. I’ve never once heard of a cop being disqualified though. Even when obviously acting recklessly and illegally on duty with their weapon, mishandling it, and putting the people surrounding them in danger.

It’s very simple. A cop plays with their weapon like it’s a toy, rather than a last resort? Then they don’t get to have that weapon again until the state makes sure they’ve been properly retrained. As many times as it takes.

Don’t put standard issue weapons in the hands of incompetents. If they violate the rules for carrying when they’re already doing something illegal, they can’t be trusted to use their weapon safely when it counts.


I wonder how the relationship between him and his son is doing.


“I knew the camera system was capturing everything the entire time. It knew everything that happened. I told him, ‘You just messed up. You have no idea how bad.’ He told me to ‘shut up.’”

Of course as it turns out, the cop was right. He knew he hadn’t “messed up”. It’s great that they just want the entire citizenry to be terrified of cops, things are going to be wonderful given another 50 or 100 years of that.



While the police have no justification in what they did, it’s important to remember that the son called the police in the first place. Maybe the kid’s an asshole who just wants to use the cops to bully his dad. Maybe the dad is abusive and the kid just couldn’t tell the cops what was going on.

But at the moment, what we know is that the cops decided to beat a guy who wasn’t threatening them, and they’re not in trouble for it. They don’t appear to have any obligations as public servants, nor do they ever seem to be saddled with responsibility for their actions. Because they have no professional standards, no accountability, and friends in the government who protect them. People who value the loyalty of the cops more than they value the lives of the citizens who elected them. People like the mayor, or the DA. I’m pretty sure if the DA was removed from the equation, the pigs would end up in indicted maybe even half as often as normal civilians. Instead of never.


Pigs! Gotta love 'em man.

Or else they’ll kill you.


Doesn’t matter. They might just kill you anyway for a thrill.


I have had police officers pointing loaded weapons at me before. Lucky for me, I have the right skin color that made it less likely for them to pull the trigger, otherwise I doubt I’d be writing this to you now. But yeah, you’re right, they could have mowed me down if they’d wanted and faced no consequences for it.


I see and read something like this and think to myself, “I can live without police.” It maybe time to disband the police departments as institutions. Maybe it’s time to end the police.


How about subjecting police academy candidates to a decent psychological test, some background research and proper training, like in civilized countries?


Is that really the standard? Besides cops regularly drawing guns during arrests to induce the suspect to kneel/lie down, I’ve been drawn on twice by 4-5 cops at a time, once with a K-9 enhancement. I was pretty startled and adrenalinized but not really in mortal fear, because I figured that’s just SOP, how they do.

Then again,


It’s like they’re not even trying to win our hearts and minds any more.


I’ve taken numerous firearms safety classes. There are a few very simple rules to follow for handling a firearm:

  1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded, even if you know it's unloaded. Because making assumptions can cost lives, and you aren't intimately familiar with every firearm ever made.
  2. The barrel of the firearm shall only be pointed at things you are okay with shooting. Typically this means only point your firearm up, or downrange.
  3. Your finger shall only touch the trigger *after* you have your target in your sights and are ready to take the shot. You don't wear a condom around all day just because you might have sex later. Likewise putting your finger on the trigger should only happen when you're about to blow your load.

ETA a very easy way to get on my bad side is letting me see your poor trigger discipline. Just because it feels nicer to have your finger on the trigger isn’t an excuse for laziness and poor planning.


i have a family member who started as a cop and now is a much more important person than he should be. when he first started climbing the ladder i wasn’t alone in shuddering a little thinking about how he and people like him were considered police material.
he is one of the most ignorant, bigoted, mean-spirited people i have ever known.
this is the world we live in.


that being said: if i disappear now, you know what happened.


I feel less and less like visiting my brother who lives in the Benighted States of America.