Killer cops charged with murder thanks to bodycam footage


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Why? All I can come up with is that this was a deliberate execution that fell apart when the realized there was a kid in the car.


Again with cops unleashing a torrent of bullets and failing to murder the person they intended?

If you’re going to be a murderous thug, at least be a competent murderous thug!


:cry: :cry: :cry:


And forgot they had bodycams? That doesn’t make sense either unless they thought the cams were irrelevant, which given the track record of prosecuting this crap, may be the case. Somebody screwed up, and it wasn’t the 6 year old.


The body cam was from a third cop who did not fire his weapon. The two gunmen either didn’t have them or else “forgot” to turn them on.


You beat me to it: these geniuses thought that the fix was in, and the kid’s death was enough to convince the PTBs to cut their losses.


Ah, thanks. That makes sense, even if still boggles the mind how broken the system is.


And now we know what it takes to make it work – two apparently non-caucasian cops whacking a photogenic caucasian six year old, while moonlighting, plus a body camera that can’t easily be deleted, and voilà, justice is served!


My heart absolutely goes out the victim’s family. How utterly devastating to lose your little guy to murderers hiding behind badges. Second, I can’t imagine how much worse this will be for the boy’s dad who won’t even be able to attend his son’s funeral because he’s still in hospital. The survivor’s guilt is going to be horrendous.

The cynic in me expects the murderers will be convicted this time because racism. That same inner cynic believes charges wouldn’t even be laid if the races were reversed. We’ve seen that scenario play out far too many times over the past several years.


(sarcasm)Important point: They weren’t in police custody, therefore Quentin Tarantino’s claim is false. Time for some more retaliatory terrorism threats!(/sarcasm)


I get the feeling this would have gone down as a successful, hushed-up hit except the third cop wasn’t willing to overlook killing a six-year-old. And with the bodycam, he could actually do something about it.

I hope third cop’s got a lawyer.


Another data point

[quote]Also Monday, District Attorney [of Marksville] Charles A. Riddle recused himself from the case, because one of his top assistant prosecutors is the father of Greenhouse [one of the killers]. The case is “not good for any of us,” Riddle said.

The state attorney general’s officer will take over the prosecution.[/quote]




I feel for the family that suffered these losses, but holy crap am I worried about that cop and his family now…


And another country to move to afterward.


Can’t come soon enough.


Don’t worry, the 'FAT BLUE LINE" will make sure to take care of the 3rd cop. Since he’s a rat now so can’t be trusted.


Louisiana, especially New Orleans, is notorious for cop corruption. Sounds like someone had a personal issue with the guy. Either that or maybe mixed up in something else like drugs.


Article says they recently moved to Louisiana from Mississippi.


Lawyer, Hell. Witness protection program more like.


Cops and child killers. These guys are going to do very well in the general prison population…