Utah cop executes unarmed man who was listening to headphones, gets away with it

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I know it’s not the reality of the situation, but it does seems like in certain places, if you want someone murdered, you don’t seek out a hitman, you just call the cops. Our tax dollars at work.


Did that other cop to the right have a camera too?


Yes, but around 1:14 he said something like “I couldn’t get my camera on.”

@2:53 I like how he gets out a tiny 2"x2" gauze pad as though he’s gonna save the guy who’s already bled out. “Talk to me buddy, talk to me!”

Um… no… you shot him dead in cold blood. He’s done talking. But keep acting for your body-camera.



The irony: we all now reasonably perceive Officer Bron Cruz as a threat.


Copologists at the door in 3… 2… 1…

Why is the gun the first thing they try? Oh wait he spoke with Authoritah to the dead guy.
Case closed. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Maybe, just this once the DOJ, another place our tax dollars get spent, can do a proper job of prosecuting a murderer with a badge.

But I’m not holding my breath.


I not trying to justify the shooting of an unarmed, non-violent, non-aggressive suspect, but I think this situation is a little gray, it’s not straight black and white.

It’s misleading to suggest that the guy didn’t know what was going on or that there was cop behind him yelling at him. You can see at the start of the video that the three guys are standing together looking at the cop as he pulls up. Two of them put their hands in the air, and Dillon immediately starts walking away. The cop gets out of his car and walks after him. As he’s walking away from the cops - one directly behind him and one along side him to the right - he puts both hands in his pants pockets or inside his shirt or something (not clear exactly). The cop starts yelling at him to show his hands. Dillon, still walking away, turns around to face the cop, who has his gun drawn on him. At this point he takes his hands out and does…something?.. with them, lifting his t shirt or something, and the cop shoots him.


I think this opener may be the new “I’m not racist, but…”


This type of thinking is why all the cops are always acquitted.

I wonder if body cams are a terrible idea because they put the jury/public in a first-person shooter perspective of the murdering cops… I bet a body cam from the victim would elicit a much different reaction.

“Look at that cop come out of nowhere, draw down on me, and blast me off the face of the planet.”


Um, no. I’m saying that Cory’s narrative about a guy just going about his business that got shot because he had headphones on and didn’t know there was a murderous cop behind him is not correct.


If you see a cop pull up, you’re under no obligation to patiently wait and see what it wants. By all means, calmly remove yourself from the situation ASAP.


Not disagreeing. I’m pointing out that he knew what was going on around him.

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What should he have done? The cop shouts at him, “Get your hands out! Get 'em out!” As soon as he moves his hands from his waistband, the cop shoots him. If he doesn’t move his hands or moves them too slowly, he’s noncompliant. If he moves them too fast, he’s a threat.


It’s called SWATTING, and yes, it’s a problem.


Leaving aside the entirety of the issue of “should the guy have been shot”, why do neither of the officers provide any medical assistance?

I mean, being first responders, surely they must have first aid training? Or is that not a requirement in the US?


thank you for playing


He also seemed to say “No, fool” to the policeman after he was told to stop, with a gun pointed at him. And were his pants really sagging so much that he needs both hands to hold them up when walking around? There was some strange behavior going on here.


The only incentive they have to help the victim is to placate the camera and be able to say they offered help but it didn’t work.

They actually have more incentive that the victim not survive. You can’t sue the police when you’re dead


He’s right to say what he said.

The cops generally aren’t some inherently bloodthirsty monsters. They are wrongly trained, with wrong mindset for the job, wrong style of the job, wrong perceptions of the people around them. And in many cases with having the wrong personality for the job, being attracted to it by wrong perception of what it is about.

Until this changes, innocent people will keep dying. And indicting individual cops whose training got the better of them will not change anything.

The cops are the victims of the policing system as well. With the major difference that they survive the mishaps.

And both us and them deserve better.

Bring back Constable Friendly.