Fresno cops execute unarmed teen

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Seems like it’s “open season” on every citizen by the PD out there. 19, and dead by police gunfire, fuck it’s time for me to get a drink…


You’d think knowing they have a body camera on would make them behave better, no? So either these cops who murder on camera are that stupid (possible I guess) or they really have no clue they are making fatally terrible judgement calls? Is there a third option?


So at what point does no one stop for the police because they’re just going to execute you anyway?


The knowledge that, even when they do murder on camera, the worst that is likely to happen to them is a paid holiday?


This is a tragedy but the video indicates to me that the young man committed suicide by cop. He kept one hand behind his back while armed officers are repeatedly screaming at him to show both hands. In no way is this the same as the other recent police shootings.


Given how often this happens, don’t you think the problem lies in the rules of engagement here?

Police are the ones who signed on to risk life and limb to serve the public. A random citizen has not made that commitment and has not signed on for that. Nobody should be shooting first, but the police should always have been shooting last.

What we’re seeing are a bunch of people who are (RIGHTLY) nervous around police (BECAUSE THEY KEEP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE) and so they’re fucking terrified (AS HUMANS) and don’t always act like perfect little robots.

The problem is NOT the people who are terrified. Terrified people shouldn’t be killed. Neither should confused ones. None of the unarmed ones.

And let’s not get into the execution at the end. More than one person in that video does NOT have the proper mindset to take other people’s lives in their own hands and use deadly weapons.


Perfect victim? No.

They very rarely are.

Blatant murder? Still yes.


Are you a cop? Because you have to tell me if you are.


This makes sense. Police are frequently accused of racism, so they’re now executing white men.


Really? Where in the vid does that happen? Because if that’s an attempt at comedy, Sir or Madam you have missed the mark sorley.


If this constitutes police following proper procedure then the procedures are wrong.


The CNN article includes the same quote.


Just watched the footage. What the fuck.

The cop broke several traffic laws before pulling the guy over (ran a red light, passed on a double yellow) for no discernible reason.

They get behind the truck and turn on their lights and siren despite no laws being broken. It takes about 30-60 seconds for the truck to pull over – it looks to me like he was trying to find a safe place to pull off the road. It’s also possible that he didn’t hear the siren or see the lights at first. It certainly didn’t look like any sort of attempt to evade the police.

I noticed the cop had his gun drawn in the car while driving. What the fuck? Was he thinking he would shoot the guy’s tires out or something? The guy pulls over and the cop and his partner exit the car, guns already drawn.

Both cops are yelling at the guy and giving him contradictory instructions. He seemed to have something in his hand. Maybe it was his keys, maybe some contraband? He certainly didn’t seem to be holding a weapon of any kind. Then they just shoot him from like 10 feet away. I didn’t see any particular provocation for that. While on the ground he seems to be reaching for something again – like his waistband or pocket, maybe he’s trying to feel where he got shot? Shock and trauma can make you do weird things. It certainly didn’t look like he was much of a threat.

What the hell…


Stop, you’re making way too much sense.

We as citizens of this country should just accept it that our officers of the law are allowed to act as judge jury and executioner in one fell swoop, and that we are all taking our own lives into our own hands by just existing.

This should never be questioned because, reasons.


I’m no fan of the police and the video is shitty… and after having been shot once I don’t know if I’d have full muscle control to comply with orders and the like but the beginning of the video I’m thinking does this guy have a death wish? or is he high?


I should be impossible or at least difficult for an unarmed person to get a cop to shoot them. This was super easy.


“Dude, I fucking hate my life”

Many teens say & feel that, that isn’t a blank check to kill them.


Maybe he’s just – I dunno, freaked the fuck out by being pulled over for no apparent reason with guns drawn?


“Sir, we have a problem…”

“I know. The race war, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well? What have we come up with?”

“We managed to find video of police actually doing this to a white guy.”

“…No, really. What are our options.”

“Sir, it’s true. They shot an unarmed white kid. They even pulled him over while looking for someone else that didn’t look like him at all.”

“You have got to be shitting me. But…I mean, how…? Was he one of those white Rasta guys?..No, never mind. That’s not important now. We need to push this story under the guise of a illustrating that it’s a police problem in general and de-emphasize the race thing. Now GO! Get on it!!”