NC Cop shoots dead a tased, restrained, 100lb teen: "we don't have time for this"




From the linked story: “The family said they recently lost their daughter in a car accident and this is the second child they will have to bury.”

I can’t imagine the horror that this family is suffering. I hope the other 2 officers will actually testify against this animal, and I hope that television didn’t lie to me about how cops are treated when they get locked up.


This reminds me of:

The terrible thing is that it sounds like the first two officers were doing a good job and the third is a psychotic killer. It may not be as clear cut as that, but it isn’t actually hard to believe.


Take power, guns, and funding away from the police. These guys can’t be trained. Get rid of them.


After shooting once the officer “then tried to do so again before being restrained”.

If it was fellow officers who tried to restrain him that would in a small way help to restore my belief that there is such a thing as a good cop, although the story itself leaves me wondering why that formerly held belief even deserves to be restored.


What the fuck.

Having a police force is probably a necessity in society, but wanting to be a policeman should immediately bar you from becoming one.


It looks like the cop who murdered the kid will have plenty of time on his hands now.


Apparently it was the family.


Applies to politicians as well.


Wow. If that’s how it went down, that’s just unbelievable.


That’s just… heart-rending. Deepest sympathies to the family.

I just want that psycho off the streets before he opens fire on any more of our most vulnerable citizens. The isolation unit such inmates must live in should be sufficient punishment for the next 20 years, regardless of whatever you are intimating the TV says might happen upon conviction. Frankly, I’d be satisfied with a murder conviction, considering the crap track record DA’s have when it comes to appropriately charging criminals that hide behind badges.


I don’t understand… why?! The competing thoughts running through my head are: “kill him slowly” and “when did we let society produce people like this?”.


Based on my limited legal knowledge, but from reading what seemed to be well-detailed analysis of the Johanes Mehserle case, this could very well be charged as first-degree murder. Saying you’re going to kill someone is intent to kill. Putting your finger on the trigger can be intent to kill. Going back for a second shot is intent to kill. Shooting someone who is restrained is not self-defense. Let’s hope the DA isn’t a wimp.


The facts as described are 100% first degree murder.


I’m surprised, if it was the family trying to restrain the murderer, that they weren’t all killed too, or the survivors charged with apo.


Unfortunately, all too believable.


I’m uneasy with describing the cop as a psycho.

Because the reality is that people with mental illnesses are more likely to suffer violence, and other victimization, than to commit violence. The idea of the ‘dangerous psycho’ enables the dangerous cops who shoot people with mental illness [or people having seizures, or people with other disabilities].


I agree. In this case the boy with schizophrenia, and a nonviolent past, wasn’t the danger. It was a police officer that had to pass a psych eval to serve.


They should have shot the cop. Hell, they still SHOULD shoot the cop.


Reading the article I was really surprised to find that the kid was white.