NYPD shoot at unarmed man, hit bystanders, charge man with assault for making them shoot


They should also send an invoice for the bullets, just to make sure they recoup their costs.


I went to the article expecting the full facts wouldn’t be as blatantly egregious as Cory’s summary.

Nope, it’s really that bad.



Assault? It may be defined differently in the New York penal code, but assault is creating the apprehension or fear of harmful contact. I don’t look at someone nearby acting wildly or irrationally and think to myself, “Oh no! I might get shot by the cops!”

I do look at cops and think that sometimes, but that’s another story.


Lurking at Time Square?!? That description fits 25% of everyone in Time Square.


AKA: ‘Thursday’. Fuck’s sake…


You could have held your breath, thinking the new mayor would have done something about this… until he appointed the old police commissioner as the new police commissioner.


Truncheons and tasers. If they really think they need a gun, they have to call for backup. I guarantee you the cool-off time waiting for someone to show up with the Glock or MP5 would save an order of magnitude more lives than would be lost in all those incidents where “the officer could only rescue the civilians by firing from the hip in an instant, all Clint Eastwood style.”


I hereby volunteer for jury duty in the trial for this ridiculous assault charge.


See, this is why it is safer never to leave the house.


They always seem to pick on the weak & helpless, & the courts,& the mainstream media always seem to ignore this glaring detail.


This is why nobody likes cops in this country. It would be one thing if this was an isolated incident, but several unarmed and non-criminals have been shot this year alone. First there is the guy who was looking for help after a car accident in South Carolina, policed helped him by shooting him to to death. Then there was the incident where the cops shot the owner of a car because the neighbors thought he was stealing it, etc.

The justice system in this country is a joke and our cops are armed and dangerous. Shoot first, ask questions later right?


In the old days, not guilty by reason of insanity was based on the supposition that the accused was

labouring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing, or as not to know that what he was doing was wrong.

It seems that the states theory requires that the defendant not only understand the nature of his own actions, but the actions of others around him. This should be a very high bar indeed.

And of course, one has to understand the mentality not only of other human beings, but also a caste of individuals who perversely take great pride in setting themselves as different than mere “civilians.”


Meanwhile, in Iceland…


Gotta be careful of those finger pistols. They’re fucking dangerous.

Then all they need to do is work on improving their response times. “NYPD High Threat Response Teams - on site and lethal in three minutes or less, gauranteed!”

Then they get to use the frequency of the High Threat Response teams getting called out to argue that they need more money for the latest and greatest paramilitary gear, along with sweeping new powers to help combat the growing Crime Wave which all these HTR calls are indicative of!

Some lucky police officers are getting time off paid for the winter. With the appropriate therapy, they could return too work in time for spring and shoot some more by-standers too get the summer off.

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  • Those bullets were fired in the name of justice.
  • Their trajectory was obstructed by the bodies of the bystanders.

Why haven’t the bystanders been charged with obstruction of justice??


They’d better make sure that the warrant spells his name correctly.

Y’know, otherwise they’d have to cut a refund cheque, and there’s no protocol for that, and…


After all the terrible things that happened, at least he will get free health care and psych meds in jail. That way he will be lucid for the beatings and rapings that happen next in Rikers.

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