NC Cop shoots dead a tased, restrained, 100lb teen: "we don't have time for this"

Right now the murderer is on paid administrative leave according to the article. My guess is that he’ll be back to his job within a year after he’s found not guilty on account of the victim holding a screw driver. Seems like there’s a story like this about once a week. I wonder when people are going to do something? You know, it takes coordinated action.


I guess it begs the question, ‘what do they have time for?’
Not for all cops in all situations, mind. I’m not being melodramatic about it. Just, those guys, in that situation. What did he mean was that important?
Stopping criminals, murderers maybe?


Half the people here think only the government’s minions should ever be allowed to have deadly weapons, so you might not get far with that.

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This story is almost too fantastical to believe. Why was the other cop in such a hurry? Did he have a hot date that night? I feel like I’m missing some crucial details here.

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The account that has him shooting into the 3 bodies on the floor is the second hand account of a friend of the family.
Musta been sure of his aim.
edit: would a cop shoot if he still hadn’t dropped the screwdriver, I wonder?

While not challenging that you have made a factual statement, I think some important questions remain.

  • Test designed by whom
  • Test administered by whom
  • Test results evaluated and employment approved by whom
  • Date of last evaluation
  • Consequences of being flagged due to failing the test

It may not be hyperbole to declare that – thanks to cop culture; media exaggeration of the dangers faced by cops; and glamorization of and lack of consequence for cops who kill – every cop who has been on the force for more than five years is suffering from PTSD.

How about we rotate every serving police officer out of any duty where they have any remote excuse to be armed, and put them to work petting kittens and/or puppies for a year? Those who quit the force during their enforced cool-down period are clearly not cut out for police work.

Please don’t interpret my flippancy in the above paragraph as any tiny measure of condoning or excusing acts of murder/violence under color of law.

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Please don’t start a fucking gun debate.


That’s a counsel of despair, and just the kind of thing that ensures that the worst get attracted to a career in the police. All of a piece with declaring that governments aren’t to be trusted, which when you get enough people believing it produces a government that can’t be trusted.

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agreed (sorry but pressing the LIKE-button felt a little strange in this case)

I wonder what we can do, realistically, to protest people who kill in this way? I don’t have the guts to make myself a target.

I agree with the basic idea… when are we going to do something? But, fear and self-preservation are strong motivators for silence, especially when the gun is pointed at you/me/us or your/my/our kids.


I’m sure it would have ended much better if the family had opened fire on the police officers.


Can we call him a violent sociopath? How else shall we describe someone who appears to have shot a helpless victim while declaring that it wasn’t worth his time to do anything else?

I acknowledge that the mentally ill are more likely to be victims of than perpetrators of violence, but how else should we classify crazy cops?


Murderers. Evil. But not ‘Crazy.’ Because that erases the distinction between the cops and many of their victims.


Lately I’ve been reading a lot about cops who are this callous with family dogs. Can’t be sure what’ll happen, don’t want the distraction- kill the dog first, and then attend to business. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get police departments to change their standing policy on this. Seems like this guy saw a mentally ill kid, and figured he’d treat him like he would a dog.

So much fail, on so many levels.


My understanding is that, generally, law enforcement officers only have to pass psych and physical tests when they first join the force, and there are no periodic retests.

By my reading we don’t know that it’s the shooter who was placed on paid leave.

I can go with Evil. It is accurate and succinct.

If I read the story correctly, it was the father who tried to restrain the cop from taking that second shot. Horrifying. Cops have taken it upon themselves to decide who lives and who dies when they get called out.


Yeah. A cop did that in Seattle a couple of years back. Shot dead an indian woodcarver for carrying a blade and piece of wood while walking down the sidewalk. After following him around a corner from where his squad’s videocam was watching. There was noone else within 50 feet. Witnesses saw no threatening action.

The cop got fired, that’s it.


We could just call him a pig.