Video appears to show Baltimore cop planting drugs at a crime scene


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All three need to be fired immediately.


I’m shocked. Shocked! To find police corruption going on here.


And of course we only know this happened because the cops were too stupid to have figured out how the body cams work. Well, now they know, and since I’m sure this won’t put a dent in their career, they can apply this new knowledge to fitting up all suspects going forward.
In a perfect world, they’d go to jail and everyone they arrested would have - at least - new trials, if not simply released. All the evidence they’ve ever collected is tainted, but sadly I suspect most of the people they arrested don’t have the means to take advantage of that revelation.


And even if the DA looked back at the arrests these cops made, the DA isn’t going want to reduce their prosecution rate. They likely secured plea bargains from innocent people who didn’t have the time or money or will power to endure or bail out of a long incarceration while waiting for a trial that they’re told could end with decades in prison.


You gotta love the Shekli smirk on the guy with the green hoodie. Hope he gets slapped down hard.

yeah right


Why hasn’t the cop been charged with drug possession and tampering with evidence?


I find it even moire appalling that the defense had to point this out. The prosecution should have reviewed the videos before ever filing charges.

I am to the point where I am easily convinced those body cameras should not, ever, have an off switch controllable by the officer. The trust with society has been broken too often by people who apparently take a sworn oath to protect and defend as a joke.

There are simply far too many convenient lapses, “oopsies” or just failures in these very simple devices when things get ugly.

Time for more Mayors to get off their political asses and require fundamental changes in these procedures and training and even the basic moral compass required before hiring potential police.


I knew that cop was up to no good, he had a hoodie on.


Lock him up with the general population. The only thing these crooks will fear is real get the shit beat out of you consequences.

Unfortunately it won’t happen, he’ll resign before he can be fired and go to work somewhere else. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


It was a training exercise.
Nothing to see here - move along.


I agree. I think a switch that the officer -thinks- turns off the camera would also be a good idea. But really it could be useful when taking a personal phone call - the next 60 seconds or whatever of video require some extra level of clearance to access - only gets reviewed if something goes downhill fast in that time frame. Offer a little privacy, but not the kind that bullies need to get away with things in the shadows.


Even if these three are fired, you can bet that the rest of the BPD will learn this lesson.


I’m shocked that only three cops were involved.


Public defenders have a way of picking up on this kind of stuff; like anybody else, they don’t like losing.


I thought it was here, but I saw a comment about cop body cameras and someone who worked on them said that the departments insisted on off switches because otherwise they found that an extraordinary amount of them got “accidentally” broken if there was no off switch.

Which tells you a lot.


“Could you please tell the court, Officer Pinhedio, why the evidence in question is a DNA match for the crack of your ass?”

The Wire this is not.


So the plan was to make it look like he could stroll along a vacant lot filled with garbage and somehow just know exactly where a little bag of pills was hidden?


That was what I was laughing at too. And what freakin’ IDIOT rummages through trash without gloves on. Had he not been trying to frame someone I’d had suggested he keep his tetanus shots up to date.


BPD briefing discussing the matter.