Philly police smashed a car's windows, beat black driver while child was in backseat

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ACAB. No exceptions.


Fuck all cops. This is not the first instance I’ve seen video and eyewitness accounts of where cops violently arrest innocent people just driving in their fucking cars that happen to be near the scene of protests. Fuck this shit and fuck this country for allowing this shit.


Everyone’s got cameras now, cops. You don’t think we won’t see what you did? Your copaganda doesn’t fly any more.


Defund the police and abolish qualified immunity!



I’m somewhat conflicted about this. When the London tried to have CCTV installed for heavily populate areas I was initially against it since it seemed to be targeted to minor-offense crimes. But if the CCTV can capture the real uniformed criminals when the body-cams go blank, then I would say there is some use.

Body-cams don’t malfunction, BTW. They are disabled or messed with.


“We are the only thing standing between Order and Anarchy”

Pretty sure which side of order and anarchy is beating parents and snatching toddlers from cars.


TIL: ☭ is Unicode, apparently.

Also: As I’ve said before, the ammosexuals, anti-vaxxers and cops are rapidly creating the exact world they fear the most.


If anybody other than police did this, they’d be facing federal charges. This is literally insane, and the fact that they tried to use this incident in their FAVOR, using somebody else’s child that they kidnapped… the whole thing is just… I am having so much trouble processing this.


It’s funny how anyone can make the news.
All you have to do is be in the right place and would rather record than be shot.

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Pay more attention, please; the woman who recorded this footage was on her rooftop.


Copaganda is part of, and works like, the larger realm of conservative propaganda - it’s not connected to reality, so it won’t win over informed people, but it increases the fervor of those who already support them (and ultimately don’t care what the reality is, they just want excuses to continue feeling the way they do).

I’m honestly surprised they took down the picture when the truth came out, and didn’t just double down on the false narrative. (I suppose having the picture up provided opportunities for people on Twitter to point out it was bullshit.) It’s possible they’ve just moved the narrative to other platforms. I can see that being a future strategy, based on how Trump works - just keep repeating the lie. It could work retroactively, too. Hey, that Rodney King footage? A driver was choking and the cops were helpfully applying the Heimlich maneuver with their truncheons…


John King on CNN interviewed a national police fraternal union member, whose union supports Trump. Apparently, there has been backlash by Black officers who are NOT happy with this endorsement.

The police should NOT be endorsing any political candidates. Much likes the military, they are supposed to do their jobs and serve the public/people. This should be part of any reforms, but current SCOTUS would probably strike this provision down.

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Cameras only make a difference if DAs and prosecutors are willing to charge pigs in the first place.

Why would a DA ever charge a cop for anything, when cooperation with the police is a daily necessity, and the unions make sure all the greasy little oinkers fall in line?


Yep. There’s no such thing as a good cop. There are bad cops and fired cops.


The don’t fear it, they fetishize it. They want the mad max dystopia they have been promised, so they can be the protagonist of the movie running in their heads.


Exactly. I’ve also been thinking about city council and mayors’ inability to control cops. Sometimes that’s due to fucked up city laws (like Austin, TX where no one working for the city has the power to fire the police chief, just demote him). But given the power dynamics between cops and city officials why would any city official ever take drastic action against cops? Cops have guns and are shady as fuck and are theoretically the ones protecting city officials so no sane city official would ever do much to piss them off. So in reality our cities are run by the cops and we all work for them.


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is trying to get rid of top cop Alex Villanueva. He’s not budging.