Chicago cops switched off bodycams and high-fived after shooting unarmed black teen


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This will totally end well, with appropriate punishments meted out to the responsible parties


Another case of Political Correctness run amok! If you can’t high five after shooting someone, then why bother shooting anybody at all?


Sigh, the comments on the tweet… On the other hand, Julie Selesnick needs to be applauded.

Edited to add: She’s a former lawyer. I suspected as much.




You just can’t seem to get away from this type of news any longer, it’s like a daily sad & evil event.


you just killed a human being and your primary concern is being put on a desk job for 30 days? come on son.


Murder. Guilty.


The first step is going to have to be the police admitting they have a problem.


This is the one where the body camera of the shooter was mysteriously “not working” when the shooting itself took place, too. It sounds like the cops may have been playing to the camera to some degree, even so: shouting “You shot at us” - if he really believed that, would he have said it?
It seems like the body cameras are only providing evidence in this case because the cops still aren’t used to them. Once they get used to them (and figure out how to turn them off when convenient), I imagine that cops will end up as constant performers, creating their own realities that they’re acting out for the cameras - contrary to what’s actually going on - so that in the event of a court case, they’ll have created some “reasonable doubt” to save them.


were they in the car when he crashed into it? if so, would that be attempted murder? if so, would the be justified in using lethal force?


won’t ever happen until the judgement awards are taken straight out of the police union cash. Then they’ll do something about it.


the officers survived the crash* and the gentleman ran away before he was shot. isn’t self-defense defined as “using force to prevent harm”?

* afaik without any injuries


Yes, the key word being “prevent”, which is distinct from “in retaliation”.


If the cops don’t have their body cameras on and working, they should be suspended without pay during the investigation.


On the scene: “He’s coming straight for us! Again!”

Official Statement: “We were not able to ascertain whether the assailant was not longer a threat. As such, Officer Thug and I discharged our service weapons…”

They always have a way to find themselves in the right…


I got stopped early in the morning last week. The officer explained that his body camera is activated by the light bar on his car. I wish I had asked if he can turn it off, but I doubt he can.


That’s as far as you go citizen. Without a badge you can only be judge and jury. Executions are police business only.


Right, we need to fix this faster. I support calling in the National Guard and putting the Chicago PD under the direct control of the governor. If that doesn’t work the US Army can occupy the state.