Unarmed man begged for his life before being shot 5 times by Arizona cop with a "YOU'RE FUCKED" sticker on his rifle


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“Maricopa County prosecutors and Mesa police will not release the video from Brailsford’s body camera.”

Those cameras need to be wi-fi enabled & tamper proof so fuckers like this won’t get away with murder.

PS. Yet another reason I beg “almost daily” my Son to leave the Mississippi of the SouthWest.


Unfortunately, no such thing. Best we can do is tamper resistant.

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`Brailsford’s attorney, Craig Mehrens, said his client is being judged on a split-second decision made when dealing with a man who had been drinking and ignored police orders.

“They are not to be judge with 20/20 hindsight,” Mehrens said.`

Um, yes they are. At least the same as everybody else.


This should happen more often.


Yeah, wow. Technically speaking, as police officers, aren’t they supposed to be trained to avoid making mistakes like this? Isn’t that like, a good portion of what police training should be about? If it had been someone other than a police officer, we’d still be likely charging someone with murder, the fact that it is a police officer just makes it even more clear that they should be better at judging the force required for the situation appropriately. 5 shots? Good grief.


Just another example of the Police’ “us versus them” philosophy at work.


What about tamper-evident? A lot easier than both.


Yes. Didn’t think to include “evident” in my brief typing flurry, but that’s a much better route to go.


I’m sure the NRA, as defenders of the right to bear arms, will be all over this.


Perhaps the judge can borrow the sticker for the gavel.


Yeah. Or tamper evident. Then when we see evidence of tampering with the devices… We tamper with their GODDAMN PENSION FUND.

Police pensions should be the first and foremost source of money to hit up when cops start causing any kind of problem. When it eventually runs out, the department’s general fund should be dipped into next.


Yep. @doctorow corrected me up thread. More of what I meant, but I fired it off half arsed while following other threads.


We are governed by laws, aren’t we?


I agree that this makes it sound unrealistically polarizing.

BUT if they really do feel that way, they could simply quit and find a better job. It’s better than getting put down for biting the hand that feeds them.


Horrible and merciless. This has to end. Take the cops guns if we have to. Certainly take their power. If this doesn’t end take there jobs.


Unfortunately, the media is still calling this a “police shooting” instead of a murder, despite the murder charge against him.


Do you have a preference between “police shooting” and “alleged murder”?


Tamper-evident isn’t very useful if you want to actually use the footage down the road. Cops will tamper with a camera where the footage is bad, leave the camera it tact where it’s useful.

“Your honor, here is the report that shows this camera was tampered with. I move to exclude all footage from the camera.”

“So ordered.”


What about if there are laws holding the officers responsible for the integrity of the data? If you make the burden of proof on the officers for how the camera got tampered with, you’d likely see less tampering.