Video shows cop lied

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Hey @beschizza do you have an alternative for the video? WaPo will not play it with adblockers turned on.


Sadly no. It’s not on YouTube, as far as I can tell, and WaPo doesn’t do embeds.

I don’t think it owns the video, but for some reason the video capture on my computer isn’t working today either.

So fuck you, Brooklyn!


Local prosecutors released a list of NYPD officers it considers untrustworthy,

This is fairly common. After all, if the prosecutors don’t make a list, defense attorneys sure will.


WaPo is getting pretty militant against ad blockers and private browsing. You can still get their pages to load (usually) by opening their links in a private window that is not fullscreen. They use browser fingerprinting techniques that rely partially on your screen resolution, so opening the window into a random size helps to defeat it.


So we have someone driving without a license suspended because of an addition issue. We have a cop lying about the severity of the criminal’s escape attempt.

I’m not seeing a good/bad guy scenario here. More like a bad/worse scenario. Get the addict help, and reprimand the officer for lying (leave without pay until the situation is resolved by the judicial).

using an incognito window working. Thank you!

I agree @longtimelurker seems like everyone is just an a-hole in this.

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The officer lied for no purpose whatsoever other than to subject this person to an additional decade of imprisonment. He was framing a person for a serious crime they didn’t commit. If that’s not grounds for serious consequences, what the hell is?

By only holding officers truly accountable for their misconduct when/if the target is a “good guy,” we give the police and their enablers tacit approval to smear the victims to get themselves out of trouble.


The corrupt cop committed perjury. And not in a small way; he concocted a detailed lie out of whole cloth. He doesn’t deserve the public’s trust. The character of the arrestee is irrelevant to the character of the cop.

A lot of police rationalize their own evil by the evil or perceived evil of the people they arrest. That fallacy is a major contributor to present-day police corruption.


The seven Brooklyn cops whose names were released Wednesday by the Brooklyn district attorney on a list of officers deemed not to be credible have been sued more than 40 times. The lawsuits have cost the city more than $1 million in settlements, according to data from the Legal Aid Society.

The officers’ names were released by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez in compliance with a WNYC/Gothamist Freedom of Information Law request. The Brooklyn DA has determined seven NYPD officers not credible based on cumulative factors that can include false testimony, lawsuits against the officer or lying on criminal complaints. Because of the credibility concerns, the officers on the list are never used as the sole witnesses in prosecutions, according to Gonzalez.

The names of an additional 47 cops were released as part of the FOIL request. These officers were deemed to have “adverse credibility” by Brooklyn Supreme Court judges. Some of those officers were found to have had credibility issues in more than one case.

And these guys are still working. Holy shit.


It’s mind-boggling, because to go so far as to end up on a prosecutor’s list means you’ve gone way, wayyyy beyond what prosecutors are willing & eager to accept as the run–of-the-mill lying on reports and offering ahem…less than wholly accurate testimony.

It’s like ending up on a blacklist in the NBA based on the fact that you jump too high.


I would go so far as to say that there should be a law that, if a LEO perjures themselves while testifying against someone accused of a crime, the minimum sentence for the LEO should be whatever sentence the defendant was facing.


That reprimand seems minuscule compared to the abuse of authority here.

How about, if a cop lies under oath and falsely accuses someone of a crime, the get the maximum possible penalty that their victim could have faced if convicted.


Despite the fact that the fact that since the DA will not use them as witnesses (because they are not credible) it basically IMPOSSIBLE for them to do their jobs. So they are collecting pay for basically doing fuck-all.


Using Brave browser - and WP ads were mere grey boxes - and video did play.


This one scenario where I would endorse such a Hammurabi-eque solution

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