NYPD officer who arrested NYT photographer indicted



Damn, if they can arrest a police officer for lying, no liars are safe!

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Don’t worry. This gross injustice will soon be set right, by new anti-terrorism laws preventing rabble-rousers to use their weapons of mass information.


It’s a good first start, but I’ll be much less cynical if he’s convicted. If he isn’t, you can bet he’ll be back on the streets with a badge, and a grudge.

Right on. This trend needs to continue.

Lie’s & corruption in the rank’s of NYC’s finest?
[enter link description here][1]

[1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoNkmAUKWEg The Knapp Commission / “They Wished They Were Honest” 1970

enter link description here

And, Of course the story of Frank Serpico / Movie ( Loved Al Pacino in that role )

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About time.

Holy crap - they actually indicted a cop? In NYC? He must really have done something to piss off his chain of command and/or the union for that to be allowed… 'cause that kind of thing just doesn’t happen.

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Holy shit. I did not expect that.

Also, this is a good general reminder of why you might want to keep your phone set to automatically upload all new photos to the cloud. You might only have a few seconds before a cop takes it and smashes it, and you’ll really want that evidence to be somewhere safe.

I had no idea this was against the law. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past

Lying in general, no. Lying in a variety of specific, legally defined, contexts (police reports, SEC filings, sworn testimony, etc.), yes, yes indeed.

Now, the fact that an officer was actually charged for falsifying a report concerning an arrest (accusing somebody whose camera didn’t have a flash mounted of totally, like, menacing him with the flash was a nice touch) is crazy rare. They don’t call what happens when an officer takes to the stand ‘testilying’ for nothing…

What a guy!

(I was joking. I had no idea lying under oath was against the law if cops do it. Only mortals.)

Was probably the autofocus light on the camera. Even so, shouldn’t be arresting folks taking pictures, regardless of who they work for.

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