Cop who smashed 18-year-old woman's face on ground remains on regular duty

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Apples and shit… but mostly bullshit.


Another braver hero with a dangerous job.

Why can’t I seem to stop smiling when I hear about a cop being shot?


Not defending this asshole in the slightest; but if I had been kicked in the dick while armed, I dont know if I would have been as civil.

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I’ve been trying to remember all the dangerous people I’ve come across over the past 4 decades. I’ve been to 43 states but I’ve never met a serial killer, a terrorist, or a kidnapper. I’ve definitely met some scary people but when I’m honest with myself I have to admit that I’m more likely to be shot, assaulted, kidnapped, or terrorized by a cop and anyone else. In my day to day life, I fear police more than I do anyone else.


If I got kicked in the balls right after slamming someone down into a chair I would probably think I deserved it


When you corner an animal it may react in an aggressive way, so it goes to reason that it is wise to take precautions. This is the cop’s error, not the young woman’s. I hope she sues.


LOL and the even the best of apples get worms and the bullshit is leaking in through the wormholes. Wot a bleedin’ mess!

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I feel that it is prudent to give wide berth to anyone who has the power to seriously threaten freedom and life. Especially undertrained and low paid goons with a badge and uniform.


That’s what appealed when they applied for the job.


If you’ve been trained as a law enforcement officer, you know not to walk right up to an angry, handcuffed, seated suspect.


Well now the citizens of Colorado Springs will end up buying Ms. Acker some new teeth and by the looks of it, a house. You’re doing a heck of a job, Tyler


The problem is the police’s genuine right to a hair-trigger right of self-defense has been filed down through the DA and police union cover up mechanisms that there’s absolutely no sensitivity left. They know they’ve the DAs and the police unions will cover them damned near anything, so there’s nothing left. They just react.


The problem is that the cops are the ones who are often defended with the excuse that they are equivalent to animals and you don’t “mess with the bull” or whatever cliche they want to utter to say “you should have known better,” ignoring that police officers are supposed to be level-headed enforcers of the law, not enforcers of their adrenaline-hyped whims.


The same words as a wife-beater - go figure


Which I am not. The job title used to imply a level of logic and restraint beyond the common civilian. That was basically my point. After a solid nutshot I can’t react beyond blind fury or fetal curling. I am also not, nor would ever want to be, a cop.

He didn’t walk up to a seated suspect, watch the video, her kick was the reaction to being shoved down into the chair


From my perspective, we are all animals. With that said, I agree with what you are saying.

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Then he “escorted” his knee to her back. I’m surprised he didn’t “escort” his fist to her head a few times for good measure.

if you are a trained professional, you press a charge against the person for assault, you don’t assault them in retaliation. Cops need to be more not less accountable for their actions.

Exactly. He should have been trained to deal with this sort of situation professionally.


Exactly, blame the victim and victimize them more. This type of thinking is apt to create criminals if they are young enough, one could say it’s an unintentional form of job security.