Arizona cops set dog on compliant arrestee

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Fucking cops…


Cowards and sadists, every one of them.


That’s torture. Lock up these pigs.

When confronted with a mad dog, the only thing to do is put it down. The state of american police is end-stage rabies.


Every single cop present at this incident needs to be fired, arrested, and bought up on charges.


It’s getting to where I’m terrified of cops even as an Old White Guy.

Why? I’m slightly hard of hearing. The cops expect instantaneous compliance with their orders. If they scream them in my ear, I’m not going to be able to make out the words. In such a situation, my last words are likely to be ‘beg pardon?’


Guarantee this officer knew he was blocking the camera (at 1:43).


The fact that we have all this footage, cops have been fired, cops have been convicted, cops are on trial, protests and anger and memes exist, etc etc…and they STILL keep doing this shit is picture perfect proof that they need to be gone and reformed from the ground up.

Just the idea that someone is “not complying” with sirens blaring, conflicting instructions, multiple people yelling, on top of being terrified for your life because loaded weapons are being pointed at you, only to then have a dog biting you and being told “get on the ground” when any rational human being’s reactionn to all of this is to SCREAM AND RUN! is absolutely mind blowing.

Law enforcement in this country is an absolute shit show.


We have learned that U.S. police are basically re-tasked slave-catchers. Their tasers and pepper spray are substitutes for bullwhips and their hounds are better trained. They demand slavish obedience and will use any of these tools to achieve it. At base, though, they do not consider their subjects to be wholly human and so feel that any brutalization – up to and including murder – is justified in the execution of their jobs.


The fact that this stuff continues to happen even with body cams demonstrates that there is something wrong with the whole premise of law enforcement. You could have told these police right before-hand “If you set the dog on a mostly compliant arrestee you will be fired.” and they still would have done the exact same thing. The cognitive biases of the situation are too strong for them to overturn. It’s like asking a coyote not to kill a rabbit.

If we saw “criminals” not as enemies but as the victims of social dysfunction and we sent out people to help them become better members of society then this kind of thing would not happen.


I had a cop recently speak to me at length like an asshole, and was suprised and became more irritated when I told him no officer, I don’t trust you, even as a white guy, because everywhere in America right now there’s a story every day practically of you guys killing or shooting or outright abusing unarmed people.

I can’t elaborate further, but I stand by what I said.

To any cops or family members of cops that might ever read this- how your cop acts doesn’t affect how threatening I and many normal citizens find them. It absolutely affects how I interact with them.

I will never trust American police. So long as any cop’s response isn’t an immediate acknowledgement of their behavior nationally as bullshit, I will continue to flip them off and tell them to go fuck themselves.


Jesus Fucking Christ. It’s like a game of Simon Says in hell where no matter what you do you get fucking mauled or shot. You can’t get any more compliant than that guy.


(sigh), to misquote the police. . .

“Nothing new to see here.”

Totally predictable shitty cop behavior.


I recently became a fan of foreign cop shows. The corrupt British cops are referred to as “bent,” both by citizens and other cops, and that may be the descriptor we need to begin using to describe our kkkops.


For once I would like to see an aware judge work with the public defender to put the cops on edge, and play the reality distortion field mind games with the prosecution and cops, that are usually played against defendants.

By request of judge, bailiff is replaced by a US Marshall per judges instructions, due to sensitive matter of the case.

Have the defendant “disappear” at the trial and the county corner, is seated at the defendant’s table indicating that defendant has “died in custody” and this is now a coroner’s case. Coroner is now pursuing this as a first degree murder case and believes that there is overwhelming evidence that a qualified immunity claim would not stand.

Judge indicates that any procedural “coaching” from Police Union representatives is tantamount to “witness tampering” and that he will issue an “Order to Show Cause” against the Union leadership to explain themselves, reminding them this is his courtroom, and he has not agreed to these stipulations of pre-trial access to evidence that is never afforded to defendants.

In addition, he is considering dissolving the Union under RICO and will use the Union treasury to settle any estate claims jointly and severally with the implicated officers. (Union offices are put under fire watch by local fire department.)

Despite the lies from the court itself, testimony is captured and entered into evidence against the cops themselves to bolster the institutionalized conspiracy to deprive defendants their civil rights.

Once this is established, original defendant reappears and judge encourages settlement talks between the parties.


special place in hell…

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similar to how harsher sentencing doesn’t reduce crime…


Of course the bodycams don’t prevent this behavior, because this behavior is the core of policing now. The cruelty must continue, at all costs. Any other considerations- ethics, effectiveness, job security, public image, crime deterrence, credibility and dignity- are all secondary to the need to hurt people. They live in their own little sadistic bubble where it’s police versus the world, and the world deserves to suffer for daring to exist.


Hrm, I wonder what all the good cops will do about these bad cops. Hrm. I wonder.


In such a situation I’d hope to have the courage to leave Clint Eastwood style in Gran Torino.
If my life has to be ruined in a cell, I’d rather end it for good, hopefully giving some troubles to those bastards, although that would likely be just some more paperwork.

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