Man videotapes Salt Lake City police after officer shot his dog


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An eye for an eye

-dog owner


Given today’s technology the revolution might just be televised after all.


I want to post “Christ, what an asshole”, but I can’t bring myself to make the joke. This is just sickening.


I am a pacifist, but this channels my inner hammurabi. “We shot your dog… For the children?”


What is it about American’s collective hard-on for cops that keeps us from passing laws that would make them accountable for their actions? It’s like every red-blooded American male beats off fantasizing that he’s Dirty Harry, and just can’t stand the thought that there should be rules, for cops, too.


Well I think this guy should find out where these heartless cops live and shoot their dog’s if they’ve one. I hear Salt Lake Police like to pick on the defenceless.
I hope they are disciplined and the Police Department is SUED.


“The boy was found safe in his home about 30 minutes later.”

“He would later be found sleeping in his own basement.” (Autoplay video)

Kind of what I expected.


Hmm sad. Looks like those officers were doing an excellent job.

Must be very strange to have experienced this general sort of scene over all sorts of tragedies large, small, and in between.

I wonder what they are thinking. Probably lots of things they are, wisely, not saying.


I think you’re projecting too much. I think the average American is wary of cops and I know many who are fed up with their “above the law” status. Of course the legal system already has the laws to protect their own, and to get them to change those laws and further “police” themselves is a difficult task.


I would only hope I could show as much restraint as this guy.

Steal my mate, burn down my house, but don’t f*ck with my dog.


I think that this video should be shown to police everywhere to show them how you are supposed to deal with a mess like this. They respected the guy from the start, worked with him recording things, gave him a sensible short version and didn’t blame or threaten anyone. Shooting the dog was bad and I hope there’s accountability, but these two acted just about as well as we could ask.


I don’t think the Animal Control responder thought terribly well of the dog shooting. Stayed quiet the whole time.

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America’s police system is actually really weird if you compare it to other parts of the world.

For example, in Japan the police have sweeping powers that most Americans would never tolerate, including powers to search without consent and other breaches of privacy. Yet their police are agonizingly sensitive to public opinion, and you can be certain that if an officer shot someone’s dog in exactly this situation, their entire career would be over.

I can’t say for sure, but I wonder if perhaps I wouldn’t mind having fewer protections against things like police searches and whatnot so long as the police were actually concerned with maintaining a reputation of excellence and public service, and could actually be held accountable when they screw up?

(Although to be fair, I think part of that is they’re in competition for the trust of the public at large - if the cops don’t do their jobs properly, the people will go to the Yakuza to solve their problems instead.)


Yep, the officers that did deal with the guy were really on their best behavior.
They even ensured that he continued to get a recording.

I do hope there’s decent follow up with the officer that shot the dog. Sadly, I doubt it will be what people desire. In most places, dogs and other pets are legally treated as “property” not family members. So, there’s no appropriate level of law put into place for attacks on them.

I can’t wait for the day that animals have the same rights as humans, and shooting a dog will be considered cold blooded murder, plain and simple. That cop murdered that dog, there is no other way to see it, and he should pay for his mistake. As a person who used to have the privilege of sharing my life with a dog, who was literally a member of the family, I can’t imagine how I would react if someone shot my dog to death. At the very least, they would hear from my lawyer, and they would pay dearly for their actions.

And to the trolls above who suggested the victim avenge his dog’s death by killing the police officer’s dog: Why punish a poor dog for a mistake made by a scumbag human?

And that should change. A dog is not “property” just like people are not “property”. Shall I remind you that in some muslim countries, women are considered property to this very day? We should be better than that.


Absolutely, we should do better. I wrote “sadly” because I am aware of current law, not because I approve of it.


what’s also interesting is when you click on YouTube one is provided “related” videos of “Police Militarization” and end of the world UFO topics. (not to mention that we are forced to have googlyfacebookend accounts to comment) yo

I think we can all agree that a dog’s life is worth more than a pig’s.