Kickstarting a documentary about cops shooting dogs


“Puppycide”? Really?

home of the … cowards

cops shooting puppies, soldiers torturing POWs, drones killing children - there is a pattern…


Cops can shoot any non-person thing without cause?

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I have no problem with police shooting a dog that is a threat, especially proven dangerous types of dogs (such as pitbulls which are legally defined as inherently dangerous) I have a family member who is a police officer, when it comes the their safety vs a dogs - the dog loses EVERY time.

It’s sad, in this case, when life imitates comedy art.

BTW, the full Puppycide preview absolutely sickens me. There’s a shot of an officer with a dog restrained at the neck, pinned to the ground, and the officer then just guns the dog down. I didn’t see a lot of serving and protecting going on there.


They can’t even shoot their weapon without cause.


Why would I need to flame you? You took a trivial truth, orthogonal to the point, and trotted it out as though it were an argument. How could I dig your hole any deeper?


I hereby nominate fuzzyfungus official welcomer of BBS.

Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah.


If the offending coppers were to apply the logic of their personal-tactical-safety-analysis to situations out with their storming of people’s houses, wouldn’t they just be shooting all dogs on site at all times?

This is a bullying tactic, meant to terrorise.

Unless of course your family member is a police officer and a dog puts their life in danger… I don’t think anyone is asking for anyone to let a dog harm them to prove they aren’t fascists.


Ugh. Either you’re deliberately acting dense or you’re just slow. I think you understand what I’m saying and just attacking the form of the argument. So here goes: Dogs are not people so I don’t think they deserve the same consideration as people in encounters with police. If a police officer has almost any rational reason to shoot a dog, I think he should be able to. You can’t reason with a dog and you can’t predict its behavior as easily as a person’s.

People care too much about dogs, and too little about people these days.

see my comment above… tsk

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People care too much about dogs, and too little about people these days.

If people acted a bit more like dogs, I might be persuaded to put up with their shit a bit more.


@megibson No reason to insult people. Chill.

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What if you care about the feelings of a family that has to watch their beloved pet get shot for dubious reasons?


It’s true that you can’t reason with a dog, but their behavior is far more predictable than that of human - if the officer happens to know about dogs. And while I agree the standards for shooting a dog need to be lower than for a human, that is a matter of degree, and “almost any reason” just doesn’t cut it, because while less than human they are more than property.


I fixed, but that was a quote from an upstairs poster.


Made me think of RAW:

There was one species on Terra that lived in very close symbiosis with the domesticated primates. This was a variety of domesticated canines called dogs. The dogs had learned to achieve a rough simulation of guilt and remorse and worry and other domesticated primate characteristics. The domesticated primates had learned how to achieve simulations of loyalty and dignity and cheerfulness and other canine characteristics. The primates claimed that they loved the dogs as much as the dogs loved them. Still, the primates kept the best food for themselves. The dogs noticed this, you can be sure, but they loved the primates so much that they forgave them.

It’s about time for a documentary about this. I’ve known people to have their dog shot, just because it was a pitbull and he was a punk. That’s no reason to shoot a dog.

Ironically, in many places it’s a murder charge is you kill a police dog.

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Here’s an idea: how about you never waste your time coming up with rationals that make it okay to shoot a dog?

If an officer had it in his brain that he shouldn’t shoot a dog, he’d find the other way to deal with the situation… oh wait a sec - what am I talking about? When cops can’t be bothered to put in the thought process it takes to not shoot unarmed innocent people, what hope is there for dogs?

You however, are a particular sort of broken. Maybe you could put together a list of things you think it would be okay for a cop to shoot and kill. We could joke about that for a while.

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