Texas cop suspended for body slamming 12-year-old girl onto concrete

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Do they learn this technique in cop school, or is it posted on a cop Pinterest page somewhere?


Not sure i can bring myself to watch the video, but i hope the girl is ok. I don’t even have the energy to be outraged, all i can muster is “Ok what did a police officer do this time?” without much surprise.


You know. The kid is clearly resisting. Now we only see that moment so we don’t know why she is resisting. HOWEVER the reality is his actions are justified when dealing with an adult who is resisting like that. With a child, the rule is to always restrain, never ever ever do what he did. Regardless of what she is doing. YOu are larger and stronger, and there are specific techniques and holds to be employed when need to restrain a child who will more than likely resist because its a natural reaction.

why is it always “with pay”?


Cop unions are strong. It can be damn hard to fire a cop.

Of course, one of the few places that Union activity is strong is in protecting the jobs of assholes like this. sigh.


He probably was just doing what he learned from this training video:


Resisting what? Being manhandled by someone? His authority to tell people what to do? If you read the story you’ll learn this was a pre-emptive attack by the cop because he suspected there was going to be a fight? Did you get that? She hadn’t done anything to warrant the cop placing hands on her. You have the absolute right to defend yourself from the police in these sorts of situations where the police are attempting to make an unlawful arrest or detainment.
In fact, the only force police should ever use is the minimum necessary to do their job. Body slamming someone face first in to the bricks doesn’t seem to follow that directive. Child or adult, that was brutality and should never be excused no matter the age of the victim


She is a 12-year-old in 6th grade. He was holding her like a rag doll (she was just hanging, not moving), which makes me wonder if she had already been hurt before he raised her up over his shoulders and slammed her face down on the concrete.

This is beyond even the other video examples we’ve seen. This is…I just can’t even…


Lady, even your description is too graphic for me. I do hope this girl makes a full recovery, and that her parents extract at least the cost of a university education out of the municipality (plus whatever the vampires, er, um, lawyers get in fees).


To all cops:

When you and/or your colleagues treat the public barbarically, don’t expect mercy in return. You “good cops” would be well served to arrest your lawbreaking colleagues. As long as you “good cops” do nothing, you’re no better than the pigs who murder people.

You’ve been abusing the population for a long time. You can’t do that forever. Eventually, we’ll get tired of you injuring and killing us. Be warned, cop killings will only increase as long as you people don’t police yourselves, and hold yourselves to a civilized standard of interaction.


This exactly X100. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. There is also no reason for cops to be in schools and treating the students like inmates. I fear this type of treatment of my own children when they are at school. Schools should be setting an example of how to resolve situations peacefully, not teaching students that it is acceptable or appropriate to simply use force to resolve problems. Kids figure that part out on their own. Adults in the room need to be, you know, adults. Especially when those adults are wearing uniforms.


I think this is an over reaction. The cop feared a fight, and knocked one of the potential combatants out, thus preventing said fight. What if these two ladies were not stopped by the cop, and they whipped out switch blades, and after a quick dance number, one of them disfigured the other (or worse!).

Remember, every minor knocked unconscious by a cop (a trained professional), is one minor NOT knocked out by some amateur thug.


“I thought that cop 80 yards down the sidewalk was going to kill me. So I shot him.”

–Proper response to this cop’s excuse about trying to preemptively break up a fight that hadn’t happened yet, in school by bashing in a child’s head till she was unconscious.


This is exactly why children shouldn’t have cell phones. They’re only going to get the police in trouble.


I take it that’s sarcasm?

(Hard to tell, considering the source…)


Yes. Just because I like guns doesn’t mean I have ever advocated unjustified force from cops, especially against 12 year olds. I thought the dance number would give it away.


@Mister44 has mentioned previosly having a daughter. Whatever my differences with him, I cannot believe he would condone this, so I’m assuming sarcasm. He’s smart enough to think, what if this was my daughter?


Maybe when, not if.

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Also this guy is a “police officer for the San Antonio Independent School District”. I was thinking - is this a mall cop?

No - he’s not. And he isn’t a regular cop that works part time with the school (which IIRC my old school later had.) These are full fledged officers hired by the school district, similar to College cops.

So that said - 1) wtf is going on you need full fledged cops at a middle school? Looks like this isn’t new either, they had a memorial for a guy who died on duty in 1994.
2) If you SPECIALIZE in policing minors, I would think one would know some less brutal tactics.

Their site


They don’t specialize in policing minors. They specialize in being the dumb muscle. If they specialized in policing minors shit like this wouldn’t happen because they’d have good training.