Texas high-school students can't graduate without watching a video on not triggering snowflake cops


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Is there anyone left who doesn’t recognize that the US is a fascist police state?


Hard to tell if this is a recognition (not an admission) that Texas cops are easily frightened…

… or a potential defense for trigger-happy cops. (Well, judge. There’s proof that the kid I blew away saw that video… and therefore knew better than to twitch and rightfully make me fear for my life. So the fault falls on them.)


Even the white kids?



What’s really grim about this isn’t that someone decided that the rate of police shootings fell into ‘something must be done’ territory; but that they merrily concluded that all the non-cops, rather than, say, the guys shooting people, needed to be reeducated.

Aside from the issue that cops are civilians, having a “civilian interaction training program” sounds like a pretty solid idea; except that this one is aimed precisely the wrong way.


What Not to Do During a Traffic Stop:

Don’t break the fourth wall by looking at the camera crew.


No one knows what the actual footage consists of as it is just 35 minutes of loud screaming “DO NOT LOOK ME IN THE EYES!”


The ones who claim they don’t are just trying to be obtuse.


yes police, fascists, and people in a coma.


Anybody else remember that scene in “The Fifth Element” when cops march into the apartment building where Korben Dallas lives and announce to everyone that “This is a police control!” The basic idea seems to be that everyone in his or her apartment should “assume the position” at a specific spot indicated by markings on the wall, so that cops can safely do whatever they want in the building.

Yeah, it seems a bit like that. How long before every police/civilian interaction is prefaced by the civilian voluntarily putting himself or herself into some kind of restraints?


At least half of it needs to be of cops brutally beating the shit out of someone while yelling DONT RESIST


And the girls should have been shot 16 times just to drive home the point. A serious missed educational opportunity!


This video is pretty tone deaf, but does mention up front that it is a part of education efforts that include law enforcement officers. I wish we could see the videos the cops are made to watch.

I transcribed the statement, which honestly should have been in the article by the OP:

The goal of the act was to define the behavior expectations of citizens and law enforcement during traffic interactions.

We know that in some communities there is an issue concerning trust between law enforcement and the community.

This particular legislation is designed to ensure that we address that particular issue.

We are addressing that issue through training in the academies, our law enforcement academies and our schools and our driver’s education programs.

ETA: I see that other commenters are missing as well the critical piece mentioned in bold above. PSA: THE POLICE ARE ALSO RECEIVING TRAINING ON THIS, IT IS NOT JUST STUDENTS.

Seriously, @doctorow needs to update the article to be less clickbaity.


Someone seems to have their cause and effect mixed up.


Hijack their monitors and show this:


This, a hundred times this.

The notion that the mandatory training program for Texas high school students will achieve the stated goal to “repair trust issues between citizens and the police” is laughably naive.

But still, the video is pragmatically correct in the assumption that during the 15 minutes of a traffic stop, your life is in greater danger than at any other time, barring only military veterans who saw duty in actual combat zones.


You know what would go a much longer way to getting people to stop distrusting cops?



There are plenty of videos you have to sit through in school. Does anyone remember the classic health video “Birth of a Baby” ?

And why not just issue everyone (in Texas) a nice cloud connected body cam?