Schoolgirl-dragging cop fired

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And now, lawsuits.

Maybe she’ll get her college paid for? (probably not)

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I take it this force has no police union?


I’m sure they do, but if criminal charges follow the firing, it should make his grievance process futile. Depends on his union’s CBA and the department’s published policies, though. He’s been sued twice and currently being sued in a third case. We don’t know how many other complaints have been filed against him at the department, either. I have a feeling this isn’t a case of the department being proactive with their PR, but rather, the final straw.



Strip that animal of his pension/unemployment benefits, and start talking criminal charges and mandatory anger management too, and then maybe we can start feeling justice, none of this paid administrative leave bullshit. There is no reason these pigs shouldn’t face the same consequences as the rest of us, if not even harsher, given the severe breach of the trust a position like that requires.

P.S. Has Fox news ‘discovered’ that the black assault victim was an aspiring rapper yet?


And another embittered, armed and dangerous security guard is born. He seems the sort that will forever blame the rest of us for this outcome.


I heard Facebook wants to hire her to build casemod digital clocks.

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Too soon?

It’s never too soon.

(except when it is)

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Former Sheriff Ben Fields: Poster child for police brutality.


Great. So now we’ll have a mall security guard who doles out head-locks to uncooperative customers.


Prosecution for assault.

Jail time.


Ben Fields Fired is my favorite band.


That’s a big if. Why he hasn’t already been arrested for multiple violations is beyond me.

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As usual, the cops over at are whining like little bitches. "Oh, no one loves us! Oh, we’re not allowed to do our jobs! " Include various unsubtle racist remarks and you’ve pretty much gotten the picture. It’s sad. And scary, actually.




Fired? What a pity.

No wait - pity isn’t the right word.

Hang on a sec… It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Not pity…


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How does that even work?

Pretty sure if you’re not allowed to do something, then that thing is not your job.

Your job must be something else.


You mean he’s a sociopath. Because that’s one of the defining characteristics of sociopathy. “It’s never my fault. It’s always someone else.” “the world owes me something.” “If people just did what I wanted then everyone would be happy.”


Also, it’s gotten to the point with the cops that the idea of a chief of police or the county sheriff saying “turn in your badge and gun, officer, you’re suspended” is no longer a phrase out of noire where it’s the sensible thing to do. Now it seems like some weird spell from high fantasy, that everyone knows is just made up bullshit.

With any luck this guy will end up in prison. Where he belongs. Where he can get to know his fellow violent offenders and child beaters. I’m sure they’ll have a lot to talk about.

Good thing you can defend yourself from a mall cop when he does something illegal, and have the judge on your side willing to hear your case. Unlike if you defended yourself from a police officer abusing you.