Lawsuit: off-duty cop working Walmart security falsely accuses man of stealing a tomato, beats him, breaks his leg

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Posthumous “asshole” of the year 2014 goes to…police officer, Trevor King.

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he’s dead!? Hmm, 2016 isn’t all bad after all.


Anyway I just can’t understand the cop finding the receipt and not destroying it, the only thing that would explain it is feeling so secure in his power that he figured there would be no consequences.


Fucking pigs, they truly are the lowest form of scum on Earth


Didn’t he?

I didn’t see any mention in the article - did I miss it. If the cop supposedly destroyed the receipt I find it hard to believe a lawsuit would happen, charges would be dropped, and that the article wouldn’t make a really big point about it. At that point I believe the article would essentially be about the nuisance lawsuit by a shoplifter against the good police officer who caught him - but it’s not so I just have to think there is a receipt (maybe I’m cynical)

If there were a rabid dog running the streets attacking the citizenry, it would either be shot (if the police responded) or very carefully caught, then euthanized via injection (if animal control gets there first). Draw whatever parallels to this situation that may happen to come to mind…


I had a chance at first comment and was going to say exactly that… But I feared the dragon.


Oh, I meant get away with no consequences.

Fuck the police.

There must not have been a single good cop in his unit, if he was able to get away with this and not be fired.


There would be camera footage of him paying at the register. Destroying a receipt would be easy but removing footage from security cameras is a lot more complicated for a single individual to conspire. Walmart may be a lot of things but destroying evidence to protect an employee seems like a road they wouldn’t go down. Though you never know I suppose, but this just seems so random in this case I couldn’t imagine a conspiracy on the stores part as well.


I figure the lawsuit itself is a consequence, you’re right of course he got away without the consequences he should have suffered - of course I often naively hope that a big enough lawsuit will piss someone powerful off and get the cop in trouble.


Makes me feel awfully privileged when I refuse searches of my bags on the way out of best buy and don’t get hurt.


He was off-duty. I think some departments don’t want to know what you do in your spare time.


Didn’t you notice?

The man he brutally beat for no reason was black.


“APD says the video doesn’t tell the whole story.” (from the article)

Literally “Nothing to see here, citizen, move along.”


“We’re taking this matter seriously. Now. Since, you know, there’s lawsuit against us that everyone knows about.”


Even if that were true; can anyone think of an other-half-of-the-story that would justify the part of the story the video does tell?

It’s bad enough that the ‘doesn’t tell the whole story’ nonsense gets trotted out when, yes, actually it does tell pretty much the entire story; but it’s even more egregious when there isn’t even a viable other part of the story that would change its overall meaning.


Wal-mart doesn’t seem like the ‘do something potentially risky to protect an employee’ sort of shop.

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