South Carolina fires the school-cop who beat up a black girl at her desk

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“since Fields reportedly has a black girlfriend”

maybe he beats his girlfriend too.

Can’t believe they’re actually using the “But I have black friends and I listen to rap music” argument… sigh


Rob beat you to it by 3 minutes!


Curious contrast there:

a black schoolgirl who was sitting peacefully at her desk


a disobedient teen


These two things are not mutually exclusive…


criminal charges? pretty please?


It’s irrelevant whether she was a “disobedient teen” or a “schoolgirl sitting peacefully”. When you are in a position of power and authority, the onus for keeping one’s cool is on you. You don’t get a free pass to violently attack someone because your authority wasn’t respected. It would be obvious if it were the teacher or a manager who attacked the student but we’ve accepted the message that police are to be tip-toed around and anyone who doesn’t adhere to their every whim deserves whatever outcome they get. I don’t accept this. You can be disrespectful. That doesn’t mean you deserve to be assaulted and you most certainly don’t deserve it from people in positions of greater power than you.


Nope. What he was fired for was not keeping his hands on her. Flinging her around the room like a rag doll wasn’t a problem but it is department policy to maintain a grip on the suspect at all times and you can’t do that while throwing her.

This was a discipline problem, not a criminal problem, and should have been handled by the school’s disciplinary procedures. He never should have butted his great big old bucket head in.

But having lived in Richland County for several years, sadly I have to paravphase “Forget it, Jake. It’s Rednecktown.”

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As far as I can tell, asking him to butt his great big old bucket head in IS handling it by the school’s disciplinary procedures.

Ok, sure. I’ll accept that it wasn’t racial if you want. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T F’ING MATTER!

He was wrong in how he handled the situation, plan and simple, and should be fired because of that. I don’t NEED to know his motivations.

He could be a bigot. He could be a sexist. He could have had a really bad argument with his girlfriend 15 minutes earlier. His dog might have just got run over. IT DOESN’T MATTER. He is a cop and he doesn’t get an exception for extenuating circumstances. He gets fired.

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