Cop charged with assault for hitting 13-year-old girl while handcuffing her


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Some people should not be police.


And he used the standard “stop resisting” bullshit so he could use more physical force. Lovely man, fine example of NJ’s finest. /s


I assert that the correlation between an arresting officer yelling “stop resisting” and that same officer using excessive force is near unity.


I suppose it’s pointless to wonder why a minor was even being handcuffed in the first place, especially if she was not under arrest.


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Police are not your friends.


My distaste for Po PO brutality is legendary.



“Stop resisting” feels like the jack-booted version of “stop hitting yourself”.


I think I’ll disagree. In my early life changes in my attitude were in spite of physical pain inflicted by those in authority over me.



But it appears that she was black. He was reasonably in fear for his life since she was black. Lucky she was not shot for being a scary little black girl! Seriously, cops treating people of color as subhuman is not really news anymore. The news here is that he was actually charged. That is actually a step in the right direction.


so he was charged with assault. That should not be news. That should be obvious. What will actually be news is if he gets convicted because that, sir, will be outside the norm. F this guy.



(I’m not implying anything about taking any actions against such people, just a general thought about the nature of evil in the universe).


I think she was being arrested for “being uppity while black,” but weirdly they couldn’t find the penal code for that one so they had to let her go.

That’s because it most definitely is.

It’s kind of shocking, really. Even more shocking if he gets convicted, given how juries tend to be with cops.

Sadly, “should” is the operative word here - it is news precisely because it happens so rarely. It’s unfortunately rare for someone in his position to face even meaningless disciplinary actions (a reprimand), much less actual charges. And if no video had existed, I can’t imagine that even disciplinary actions would have been taken.


I’m sure that the fine officer was ‘in fear of his life’ at the time. She’s lucky she didn’t get shot in the back. Had she be a young black male she probably would have been. Prediction: there will be little, if any, punishment forthcoming and if he is somehow terminated he will likely be on another force in short order.


Simple assault? WTF?! This is clearly use of unlawful and unauthorized force against someone. Isn’t that literally the definition of assault and battery in most jurisdictions? Additionally, being a cop, isn’t this done under color of authority making it an ever more serious offense?

You’ll excuse me if I see his being “charged” as bullshit theater. The DA chose the lowest possible class of offense to charge this bully with even though there is a preponderance of evidence in the form of video obtained by the police departments body cams. This prosecution is already a sham and they haven’t even made it to court.


All Cats Are Beautiful.



Maybe Melz can chime in on this, but I understand that young black women have almost like superhero levels of strength and can summon demons/manipulate the elements/banish people to alternate dimensions… (my people are only born with an innate knowledge of all forms of martial arts and math abilities).

No? Then I completely fail to see why such a …large… policeman was so afraid of her that he felt that violence was necessary.


Most people probably should not be police. It’s an important job but doing it well requires a combination of knowledge. training, and temperament that is sadly all too rare.