12 Michigan cops, looking for a 40-year-old white woman, draw guns on 11 year old black girl and put her in cuffs


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What’s gonna happen to the thugs with guns?

Typically judges like to sentence armed home-breakers who attempt kidnapping to long sentences. Why would cops who supposedly are to be held to a higher standard of conduct get treated with leniency?


It’s such a grim ‘sign of the times’ that more than anything, I’m just relieved the cops didn’t shoot and kill anyone… this time around.



Cory, I’m not sure which makes me more sad/upset

a) the actual incident

b) that the mom is so prepared this may happen, so culturally acclimated, - that she did not “see the red mist” as you say.

the system is broken - the people are scared - we are all screwed




Enjoy all the justice you’re getting, kid. So much justice.


Imagine what certainly would have happened if it had been only one single officer, armed well, but not ‘armed to the teeth’; surely that eleven-year old girl would have torn the poor soul to little shreds.

Wait, … no, I always confuse preteen girls with actual bloody werewolves, sorry, my bad.

Joking aside, so glad the girl wasn’t seriously harmed by these thugs.


Fucking pigs


So any updates on this? I mean, this seems pretty fucking mind boggling. My kid is 11. And while she is small for her age, others in her class are not. I can’t conceive any of them being mistaken for an adult.


So a herd of 12 cops collectively don’t have the goddamn sense to recognize that an 11 year old kid who is black doesn’t much look like a 40 year old woman who is white. Shouldn’t that be a reason enough not to send a herd of those dumb shits out together. I bet if you sent 'em out for donuts they’d be able to figure out how many dozens they wanted. Christ, I need better drugs than I’m getting around here.


“A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals”


Herd mentality is freaky stuff


That’s why I can only assume that we train them to not be stupid. If we don’t then whowever’s the person signing off on their paystubs needs to be tried for reckless endangerment of the public.


“Police partout, justice nulle part !” (old French protest slogan meaning “police everywhere, justice nowhere”)

I’m not sure she wasn’t.



Faces of Meth


Thankfully the city is actually responding. The city is at least paying lip service and clergy are decrying it.

I personally have a stake, I live in GR.


The story and accompanying video on the Washington Post website had two adult women and the kid leaving their house to go shopping and being stopped in their backyard by police, rather than the police breaking into their home and confronting them there.

My impression was that the police were trying to control the nighttime situation, illuminated by flashlights, by cuffing the three people one at a time, starting with the one closest to them while keeping the other two at a distance. It was really hard to tell exactly how old anyone was in the police video, until they had her in custody and realized that they had fucked up badly.

That doesn’t make it right, and cuffing the hysterical 11-year-old was a stupid move, but the account in Cory’s linked article didn’t include those relevant details.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/12/13/video-shows-officers-handcuffing-a-shrieking-11-year-old-at-gunpoint/ (Trigger alert, the audio portion is heartbreaking and infuriating.)


Wouldn’t that mean the plan going in was to knowingly arrest and interrogate innocent people who haven’t committed a crime simply because they had proximity to a suspect? And doesn’t that suggest they have been trained to arrest people without probable cause as a matter of procedure? And doesn’t that mean they have been trained to violate the rights of the citizenry?


That’s all I got. Seriously, what is going on with cops these days?