COMING SOON: Attack of the 14 Year Old Black Girl

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Featuring Emma Stone as the Asian Neighbor.



Miley Cyrus as the 14 year old Black girl!


Yep, its all these cops’ fault. I mean the young girl had the right to be there and obeyed the lawful instructions of the police officer. None of that is true btw. Keep eating what the media feeds you without question.

EDIT: Informational post from an actual resident

…says the person spewing Fox talking points.


Okay, I’ll bite: how did she not have “the right to be there”?


Not a fox nor msnbc viewer, nice try

Private community pool which required access via HOA provided ID cards; ID allows one or two guests. The “event” was publicized via social media and tickets were sold; this was all without the permission of the HOA or the residents.

You’re defending a cop who physically assaulted a child for no reason and showed signs that he was going to attempt to murder other children until he was stopped from pulling his gun.

What happened in your life to make you such a fucked up, sad person that you’re OK with murdering children?

There’s also witnesses on the scene who claimed that the kids were physically assaulted by adults, first - do you think the cops should have ran in and shot to death the adults who were attacking children? If not, why are you ok with cops pulling their guns on kids?

Don’t bother answering, because everyone knows the answers are just “I am a racist, drive-by troll”.


None of which is an excuse for police to be out of control. Nice try to YOU. It’s the “they’re no angel” crap all over again.


You’re a clown and you don’t care about facts; that much is clear. I’d venture to say simply from your prose that I’ve done a lot better than you in life and will continue to do so. No children were killed and the “innocent” young girl wasn’t even arrested. Get some life experience under your belt and then come mingle among the adults.

Her abuse at the hands of casebolt happened on what appeared to be a public street, not at the community pool. Are you saying that was a private street?

Nice talking point deployment there. I hear that more and more from the right – “The left doesn’t care about facts!” Could you direct us to the memo that spells out this current talking point/strategy?


If the adults are people who support pulling a gun out to threaten children for being black, I think I’ll pass. If the adults are the adults in this case - who said racist shit to children, mocked them for being poor, and then physically assaulted them (which witnesses all agree happened, how about them facts!, I’m glad I’m not an “adult” like you.

Largely because you seem to mean “adult” to be “fascist, pro-murder white supremacist”. You are literally taking the side of police who threaten to murder children, but NOT attempt to stop adults from physically assaulting children unprovoked. “Adultness” does seem to pretty much be the issue…


Someone wants to feed the dragon…

@Falcor , dinner is served.


I think what we are observing here is a sighting, in the wild, of an “aged” troll account. He joined back on January 12th, made a single post, and has lain quiet until today.


Left / right, I really couldn’t care about political crap; I’m not a billionaire so my options are limited as far as making an impact. As for being labeled a racist because I read a first hand account of a resident, that’s ludicrous in so many ways that are none of your business. Everyone is way to quick to jump on the black vs everyone else bandwagon, its just so fucking tired at this point.

As I said before:

Her abuse at the hands of casebolt happened on what appeared to be a public street, not at the community pool. Are you saying that was a private street?


Maybe a poor choice of wording, considering this is a case of cops literally jumping on and pinning black children, while allowing white attackers and white children who had done the exact same things to go free.


I totally agree – clearly it’s us white people who are suffering the most, with all this race-this and race-that talk. It makes us soooo uncomfortable!


The officer admitted he was wrong. Don’t defend what he won’t defend.

Rest of y’all: not only did he admit it, he held himself accountable and resigned. That’s the best response on part of a cop that we’ve seen these entire two years. If you dogpile on him, you’ll establish a precedent to the cops that it’s best not to do that.