McKinney “Pool Party” police officer Eric Casebolt resigns after video of teen abuse goes viral

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So literally no consequences then. He gets no black mark on his record, gets to keep his pension and benefits and no can go on to apply for any job he wants. this shithead should be in jail.


McKinney cop resignation is insufficient. Need a picture of triumphant 15 year old black girl in bikini holding him down.

aha! FOUND


The cops probably came looking for a “Project X” party, but the video doesn’t exactly show a hoard of people.

We need a boy holding him at gunpoint too


11 of 12 did NOT STOP the 1 of 12 NOT operating ‘according to training’…therefore…NONE of them did the right thing… Two of them appeared to, but did not… not that they’re all ‘guilty’ of what the other did mind you…but they ALL have SOME responsibility for what happened*… Note… I haven’t seen ALL the videos…only the ‘major’ ones…
It’s a nice try by the Chief… but really…means nothing at the end of the day. If officers on scene do NOT stop another officer from doing something not authorized or in fact illegal…then honestly…they are NO BETTER than the officer(s) doing the action…

  • in many jurisdictions…this is called conspiracy to commit (IF an offense was committed)

I guess the ‘training’ doesn’t cover 11 police officers being able to reign in/arrest 1 other.


police “abuse” is not new; everybody having a cell phone with video is new.


I’m completely with you. However, the abuse of eclipses is no joke.


Obviously you can’t just deny people’s resignations, they aren’t chattels; but given how often ‘resigned’ is used as a polite, face-saving, mechanism for ‘just like getting fired, only without any of the visibility or consequences’; you’d think that there would be a more robust procedure for disciplinary matters that start when somebody is employed to continue until they are resolved, whether or not the person resigns.

Given the expected value of the pension, in particular, there’s a pretty big difference between resigning and being sacked.


How about “Resign while under investigation for disciplinary matters and you forfeit your pension”.


I think there is: the criminal justice system and the civil justice system.

Given that the PD Chief called Casebolt’s actions “indefensible,” it sounds like he’s volunteered to be an expert witness.


exactly. when can we stop with this whole “a few bad apples” bullshit? if the “good” apples aren’t stopping this behavior, aren’t reporting it, aren’t showing up in court to provide witnesses testimonies for the victims, then they aren’t “good”.


Agreed, otherwise it’s light’ s out for grammar and language. I also think ellipses abuse should be called out.


The criminal justice system is part of it; but there are plenty of sub-criminal(or insufficiently criminal to get your pension revoked) things you can get fired for that it wouldn’t be expected to cover.

Being called ‘indefensible’ and ‘out of control’ by a police chief is unlikely to help this guy’s case; but it has still, so far, not prevented him from ducking the potential consequences of a firing.

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Can’t the police investigate anybody for committing crimes?

LOL, perhaps I should have formulated that as ‘Is it not the case that the police have the power to investigate anyone for unlawful acts’.


I would be glad that the man is no longer entrusted with power over others, but I think it is likely that he will be employed by the police force of a nearby town in about 3 months.


The officer’s resignation actually makes him eligible for investigation!


If that language were added to a contract the employer would just arrange it so that all employees were under investigation at all times.

Your pension is just pay that’s held back so that you don’t spend it before you need it. The idea that it’s something you get to keep if you are nice is a pretty classic kleptocracy meme that has been used to deprive workers of their benefits on numerous occasions recently, and that is a really bad, and I would argue unlawful outcome. The guy should get tossed in the slammer, but he should keep his pension.