"I'll keep doing that until I run out of batteries" Tennessee sheriff's deputies torture teenager with stun gun

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“Investigation.” = I placed them on paid leave so they can attend some Blue Lives Matter rallies while we wait for the next shocking police video to come out. Once this blows over they’ll be back and we’ll make sure they know to turn the camera’s off when they want to get to the law-and-order stuff.


Hire low IQ goons and this is what you get.


Inevitably followed by, “an internal investigation found that our officers did not use excessive or unreasonable force in this matter. The supposed victim, while being completely restrained, posed an imminent danger to the fragile egos…er, the safety of the officers and reasonable force was applied, multiple times, but definitely not more than was necessary…”


It’s really amazing how stark terror can make anyone’s skin look pale.


So Officer Skinhead tased him repeatedly right over his heart? That is (imho) attempted murder.
Sick. Even sicker is the ‘stop resisting’ and then the laughter. Fired, no pension, blacklisted from any ‘law enforcement’ jobs. gfy you sick bastards.

When the electricity courses through your body your muscles contract and spasm. That isn’t ‘resisting’ it is the end result of torture. Torture.

This is why I cross the street rather than walk by ‘peace officers’ (and I am a middle aged white male w short hair and a smile for everyone. except these f!cks. f!ck em… but they’ll probably walk) I went to the utube page to see the date and noticed many of the comments were in russian (I guess we’re a bilingual country now?)

Just surprised they didn’t shout “he’s going for my gun!” (while strapped into a chair) “omg he’s coming right at me!” (while strapped into a chair) “look out! I see a weapon!” (while strapped into a chair)

That sick laughter will stay with me for a while… I feel sick to my stomach.


I doubt there’s a police force in America that can summarily fire an officer without an investigation. As awful as this is – and these guys are going to lose their badges over it because the county doesn’t want to face a lawsuit where these guys are still on the force – I don’t know what people expect when police unions are as strong as they are. “Administrative Leave” is always the first step, whether it’s outright torture (as here) or an ultimately-justifiable shooting.


I sincerely hope you’re right, but I must admit my doubts, based on numerous similar cases before this. Justice for these bad apples might need to come from other corners.


What was he arrested for?

[edit: I was unable to find the information and was innocently curious. I was not attempting to cast aspersions. Apologies to those I offended with my question]


Trump would probably pardon them.


“…to ensure all facts are provided and all angles of this incident are thoroughly investigated.”

That, to turn up any sort of circumstance that would through some creativity provide the cops an excuse for torturing a restrained prisoner.


This is fucking crazy… This is straight up torture– wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of the deputies picked up this technique at Abu Ghraib. If this doesn’t result in a criminal prosecution for those officers, well, James Madison is already spinning in his grave.


That sick laughter will stay with me for a while…

*flashback to Trump’s speech to the cops last week, the new professionalism is sooo apparent.

The hero class FTW


What does it matter?

[eta quote]



So, like, what exactly where they trying to get from this person? A confession?

I mean, it’s right there on camera. Don’t you do this in a dark supply closet somewhere? I don’t see how anyone could partake in this and not think it isn’t a gross violation of basic rights. Holy shit.


Absolutely irrelevant question.


And now some pertinent words from Negativland:


I don’t think @ckoerner was inferring that the crime/infraction may have justified the torture. Just curiosity as to why he was arrested.


“You don’t like it do you?”

What do you think officer?

I know it’s wrong, but dog help me this video makes me want to drug and kidnap these dudes and drag them off to a dark, remote place and use interrogative methods for several hours before walking away leaving them chained to a boulder.

But yes, let’s rely on our court system.


While I admit to some curiosity about what he was arrested for, it really is irrelevant. Even if he was caught red handed tazing baby kittens, these deputies are not judge, jury, and executioner. They will be afforded due process, which is why they were placed on leave while this is investigated. If they were punishing him for whatever crime for which he was arrested, they did not afford him the same.