“We’re PG police and we shoot people,” said a police officer now convicted of assault


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Only because there’s video.

He’ll be rehired in a few months or some shit.


Back in the bad old days a traditional encounter with PG county cops went something like this.
But that’s changed. The have automatics instead of revolvers.


I am honestly shocked that more people don’t kill or incapacitate police who act like this. “Sorry, they were doing stupid shit, so I knew that they weren’t real police, they were impersonators who were attacking poeple.” At least tase them and restrain them.


Or his union will get him reinstated… :-/


There were other cops there. He was doing this to impress them. If the black guys had done anything, they’d all be dead.

Not everyone has a killer instinct and training to pull a gun out of someone’s hands and beat them to death with it.

Apparently, it wasn’t cops he was trying to impress:

(Santiago had two friends from New Jersey in his squad car when he stopped Cunningham, even though he was reportedly “not authorized to bring along visitors.”)


“unfortunately, we think he was showing off for friends.”

DAFUQ YOU SAY?! That’s not an “unfortunately”…that is a “THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT!” moment. Don’t down play it to protect his feelings or something. Tell it like it is.


Yeah, that’s some shit.


I have to jump in to defend unions generally, because they’re why we have a middle class. If the chief follows procedures, I’m pretty sure he’s toast. If he doesn’t get fired, it won’t be the fault of unions. If he gets rehired somewhere, it won’t be the fault of unions.



PG police? I’d like to buy a vowel.


I believe in unions as a counterpoint to the asymmetrical and excessive power and authority of corporate governance. Police unions, though, can be a threat to public safety, and can, and do, get bad cops reinstated.

How Police Unions and Arbitrators Keep Abusive Cops on the Street: Officers fired for misconduct often appeal the decision and get reinstated by obscure judges in secretive proceedings.


People join the police force for different reasons (I had a high school friend join because he just needed a job, and it was an easy civil service job in a small town), but I get the feeling a lot of guys become cops because they have small egos, and being a cop means they can carry a gun, boss people around, and “always be in the right”, even when they are clearly in the wrong.


LOL, two friends from Jersey. Big surprise.


It always amazes me how badass people can be on the internet. Surely your brave action will be the opening salvo of the Revolution.


Gee, ya think?


Because then those people go to prison and/or get the chair. Cop killers are almost always convicted, if they’re even apprehended alive by the cops in the first place. Usually, they’re just shot.


That still doesn’t explain why not to tase them. Isn’t it irresponsible to let people be subjected top such treatment? I am generally opposed to violence, but I think it’s just and beneficial to at least restrain people who are threatening others with a gun to their head.

The one time I had complained to a police department about having been threatened with death by a cop (for remarking upon their reckless driving), everybody I spoke with insisted that whoever threatened me could not possibly have been a cop, because no legitimate cop would ever speak or act in such a way. So why not treat them like any other dangerous wacko with a gun? If they can provide evidence that they are acting in some official capacity, they should not have any problems. Otherwise, there is no reason to assume they should get a free pass.

  1. Citizens don’t normally carry tasers
  2. Citizens don’t taze cops because they don’t want cops to shoot them for assaulting an officer with a weapon

I know you think reality is all a personal construct but if you attack cops, they will kill you. They’ll almost always get away with it too without any penalty. Welcome to the First World.


I can’t quite tell, the video is pretty grainy; but looks a bit like Officer Friendly is slipping into the ‘gansta style’ handgun grip much favored by people who should be kept the hell away from guns.