Twice, Sacramento cops tried to run down mentally ill man, then they shot him 14 times


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Every single cop who doesn’t wholeheartedly and unequivocally condemn this is complicit.



He totally had a gun! And why didn’t he prostrate himself and started licking their boots - that’s resisting arrest for sure.


“Fuck this guy!”

When you make it personal, you cease to be a cop and you’re just another asshole.


Police Truck
Dead Kennedys

Tonight’s the night that we got the truck
We’re going downtown, gonna beat up drunks
Your turn to drive, I’ll bring the beer
It’s an easy shift, no one to fear
Let’s ride, ride how we ride
Let’s ride, low ride
It’s roundup time where the good whores meet
We’re gonna drag one screaming off the street
Let’s ride, ride how we ride
Got a black uniform and a silver badge
Playing cops for real, playing cops for pay
Let’s ride, low ride
Pull down your dress, here’s a kick in the ass
Let’s beat you blue, ‘till you shit your pants
Don’t move child, I gotta big black stick
There’s six of us babe, so suck on my dick
Ride, ride how we ride
Ride, low ride
The left newspapers might whine a bit
But the guys at the station, they don’t give a shit
Dispatch calls, "Are ya doin’ somethin’ wicked?"
"No siree, Jack, we’re just givin’ tickets!"
Let’s ride, ride how we ride
Let’s ride, ride how we ride
Let’s ride, ride how we ride
Let’s ride, low ride


Agreed. If the “good” cops don’t speak out against these thugs, then why bother even having cops?


Obama and his DOJ thugs have crippled our police so bad they can’t even get training they need to successfully run over a homeless man. Sad!


God damn it.


Ah, Sacramento. The Mississippi of California.


modified duty? I can I get modified duty instead of prison for murder? No? So much for equal protection under the law.


Jesus fuck.


not holding my breath that even one good apple will come forward


Holy fuck, a new low for another PD.


The claim may be exaggerated. I can only hear 12 shots.



It’s possible to handle situations like this or worse without killing anyone. For example, .


I’m sure that the cops had no tasers, or pepper spray, or body armour, or anything else that would have allowed them to get close to the guy and safely disarm him without having to resort to gunfire.


They are not an example of perfection but maybe look at how police in the UK do it?

Yes, lessons need to be learned from the death of Dalian Atkinson but at least the UK police try to learn them, unlike US cops who are still making the same mistakes they have made for far too many years.


Oh-oh… looks like we found a bad apple!