ACLU releases video of brutal beating of motorist by enraged cop

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This is plain assault. Holy shit cops what is going on.


If they humbled themselves we wouldn’t need to take em down a notch and go after their pensions.

But for shit like this, we have to go after his pension too. They understand making an example of someone, we can speak their language to them, that way.


Hmm - how to spin this…

I know, just slow it down some and put this song on the audio.

Minnesota Nice!


That guy is out of control. The other cop should have intervened.
I did find the report-
If true, it shows that there is a history between Promvongsa and the officer. But there is no excuse for the way the officer started hitting and kicking him. If the officer was that spun up from the taunting and the chase, he should have let someone else make the arrest.


Once more a case of a courageous cop’s fist being injured by a dangerous criminal’s face. And of course, at the same time, bleeding hearts go for victim blaming (the victim being obviously the cop here)…


These cops endanger cops everywhere by inviting open disrespect. I used to think that cop testimony should be given the benefit of the doubt, but that’s long gone. If I ever get a chance to take down a cop in any kind of proceeding, I’m likely to take that route now. I wish they didn’t deserve that. But they do.


Steroids- they’re not just for shriveling your testicles!


This is how one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. It’s clear the police closed ranks and are protecting the criminal Joswiak. This makes the entire department party to the crime. They should all be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, evidence tampering, conspiracy, and everything else that might apply. Throw the book at the entire department and see what sticks. Anything less would be a miscarriage of justice.


Man, that was awful. That guy was hoping for a reason to shoot. Shame on the partner for not intervening.


Why pension? It is a part of your salary that you earn and shouldn’t be negotiable at all. Far too many companies seem to be able to hold your pension hostage far after you have earned it. Shouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with your job performance – you get fired, you get fired and whatever you earned up until then. If we allow this for this sort of activity, then we agree that pensions are a gift and nothing more.

Doesn’t mean these fuckers shouldn’t be in jail and paying a civil fine on top of this.


This is terrible, both officers should be charged. The first is obvious, the second officer appears to shut off the audio and does not get the second officer under control.


According to police reports, Promvoska “was attempting to pass” an off-duty officer and swerving aggressively, backup was called, and Joswiak spotted the vehicle first.

So… instead of giving a traffic ticket you pistol whip the guy? Seriously?

I think the cop forgot to shout “He’s commin’ right for us!!!”


Works for me, every incident like this in the state, every department in the state gets 5% of its budget cut for the next fiscal year. I’m sure they can throw a bake sale together or something, free market and all that.

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Eh, considering the Millions that cities have had to pay out for wrongful death suits and police misconduct, fiscal penalties aren’t really doing it.

Though some are getting the hint and investing in more training. $1million in training is better than having to spend it on a lawsuit.

Also body cams have reduced costs, as it has actually decreased police complaints in many cities tested.


Thanks for finding it. Maybe that guy can’t drive, but holy shit if you beat up every idiot on the road, you would only have me and a few others driving on it :wink:


The problem with this comes down to that we NEED the state to do its fucking job. Taking away money from states that aren’t isn’t helping either. It is the whole NCLB bullshit of punishing failing school by telling them to do better or we will keep taking away their resources.

Doesn’t work.

I’ve been working with law enforcement lately – trying to be a part of the change that needs to happen – and we need to put fuckwads like this cop in jail. We need to make it harder to let them off. And we need to make it easier to fire them and personally fine them.

Let’s go after the folks that cause these problems because 90% of the cops are actually good people. And behind closed doors they admit that there are those that give them a bad name. Why they can’t say this in public is beyond me (ok, it isn’t…but I only have one minute to type this response). Bad cops need to go to jail and made to pay for the bad decisions.


A friend of mine used to work in internal affairs dept. He told me once that it isn’t like on TV, they don’t have time to go after cops for little things, like driving the fancy car that you’ve seized around for a day before turning it in to impound. But when you keep it for a year, THAT constitutes a problem. It is difficult to get rid of the bad apples, and once a policeman has been caught lying under oath, no district attorney will try a case where he is the witness. So they have police on the payrolls that are essential useless.


Holy shit, I never would have considered that wrinkle. What a depressing state of affairs and we probably only see a tiny percentage of violations like this actually made public.