Cop defuses tense situation—with dance-off

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We need more good cops and fewer bullies. Cheers to the hard-working, dancing, respectful and respected good cops who do what it takes to protect EVERYONE.


Black jives matter?


Hmm… I dunno… I think hitting the quan would work better than the nae nae, but what do I know…

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“Good cops get down and dance.”

No doubt, she got some moves!

Nice to see an example of a US cop de-escalating a situation rather than jumping to excessive violence right off the bat… Wish this happened more often.



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How did someone get through police training with their ability to a) think laterally and b) have a sense of humor intact?
I literally didn’t think it was possible.

I imagine she’ll be disciplined for this (but I hope beyond hope that she isn’t).


It’s a shame we can’t vote for this cop to get a commendation.

“There are lot cops out there who are frustrated and who are upset. We are definitely doing our part to make sure that we weed out those who are good apples and make sure that they are not serving in our Police Department.”


Beautiful. The spectator’s giggles say it all!

Anyone can defuse a situation by relating to people on their terms. I think what we like about this video is that the cop is resolving conflict the same way that ordinary people would, rather than leaning on authority and threats to get their way (which is what police are supposed to do).

Basically, we like that this cop is acting like a person instead of a cop.


And the video is gone.

Perhaps the cop is being reprimanded for foolishly exposing the forbidden danse majicks to the world.

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That reminds me of the babe…

She was certainly getting slammed in the comments on that article - apparently she is the only police officer in DC because she’s responsible for all the crime committed while she was “goofing off”.

FFS. It’s like some people out there would have preferred she shot someone. >.<


Here in DC, we learned about this because the chief of police sent out the following email:

“Please take a look at the below video link which shows an MPD foot beat officer interacting with teenage girls on her beat. This video is indicative of the interactions that occur everyday throughout the city. Who do you think won this dance off? (Click the link to see the video)”

Against all odds, the department is on this officer’s side.


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