Video shows Fort Worth cop pepper-spraying passing bikers from roadside


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Plainclothes NYPD cops nearly hit mailman and then they arrest him

“Fuck da police.”


What the hell man… how… I don’t even… THE STUPID IT BURNS…
This ‘officer’ needs to not be an officer anymore as that is beyond dangerous.


The guy should be fired for not being very bright. There was way too much wind, and he was too far away. Maybe - maybe the bikers could smell the spray, but they weren’t going to lose control of their vehicles and end up under an oncoming truck like he wanted. Don’t departments train their cops on how to use pepper spray? You need to get it right up in the nostrils.


Well, at least the dingbat was dumb enough to try spraying a group ride (probably a club) that enforced it’s own safety regs, including helmets and at least one camera.


I don’t really see a nonviolent way to force change here.

The police often treat us like they are an occupying foreign military. Seems like there’s only one viable response to that.


Felonious Reckless Endangerment.


You don’t really think that applies to law enforcement officers, do you? How quaint.


One rule for the rulers, another for the ruled.


The police have amply proven they cannot use pepper spray responsibly. I will be writing to my state legislators and asking they make it impermissible for police to use in my state.


Sometimes I think cops take “less lethal weapon” as challenge.


Cue the outcry of how cops can’t do their jobs properly with the public scrutinizing their every move.


Shooting pepper spray into the wind… he’s lucky he didn’t get himself.


Indeed. If he’d pepper sprayed himself, he’d have to arrest himself for assaulting a police officer and for resisting arrest.


Which would undoubtedly involve pepper spraying himself again.


unfortunately, that’s not how police HR seems to work.not being very bright is exactly what they’re after. being too smart will keep you from getting the job



To be fair to the cop, it can get real boring sitting in a cop car all coked up waiting for something to take your anger out on.


Jesus, even the Cult of Masculinity isn’t a safe space anymore.


The upper bounds are defined, I’m not aware of a lower IQ limit…