Man pepper sprayed for walking past police




Well you’ve gotta use it or else it goes bad. At least I think it does. That’s the only possible explanation I can think of for the police to use it so frequently and with little or no provocation.


Well, they might be authoritarian bullies with hair triggers who think they’re the center of the universe and forgot what their actual jobs are, but that sounds far fetched. They’re professionals, every single one.


I don’t really care about the teacher. I just want to know why she sprayed people who were no threat to anyone with a chemical weapon.


“I’m short with an inferiority complex so I’m just gonna spray anyone taller than me!”


And freely, too. She’s just blatantly spraying it into the open air at the end, there. Pretty sure that this would qualify as assault if a private citizen were to do this, even if they didn’t directly hit anyone.


Hey, Seattle! How’s that settlement agreement with the DOJ working out for you?

Christ, what a bunch of assholes!


It’s an area denial tactic, textbook use of a chemical weapon.


In a world where cops get away with murder and theft on a scarily routine basis, this is sadly unsurprising.


Why are they blocking the street in the first place? Do you loose the right to travel if you do it in a group? Did the first amendment get struck down? What if Dr King was in Seattle today? Would he be denied the right of assembly and demonstration?




Ok, then…



That’s why I don’t give my 5 year old pepper spray, in fact this video looks just like I imagine her playing if she had some.


This reminds me of SuperTroopers. “Pull Over!” “We can’t pull over. We’re already pulled over!”

“We’re not even a crowd? How can we disperse?”


(60 seconds later}

Send more cops! The last ones were delicious!


“A spokesman for the police department said he had not seen the video and was unable to comment.”

The video is 13 seconds long. Watch it and then comment.


That would be stage one of getting away with it.


It took me a few minutes to figure out where I recognized that cop in the video from. It’s Officer Honey Bunny!


my first thought was that she has to compensate for being on a bicycle.


Ha! Those who are any good never need to compensate for being on a bicycle.

Maybe - she’s compensating for not being on her bicycle!


This is tasty pepper spray