Cops pepper-spray 15-year-old girl who fell off her bike


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Police abduction.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they demand a ransom, cough bail before she’ll be released.


I imagine there are places now where the presence of a police officer is a danger to all.


Hmmm… I wonder if one could crowdsource a lawsuit against the police.


I can’t watch the full video. Tried, and just got too disgusted.

Things probably would have worked out much better if the police had been self-aware enough to realize that people trust firefighters who are heroes, and distrust cops, who are far too often murderers and thugs.

There happened to be plenty of firefighters on the scene. Who could have facilitated the interaction.

Instead officer blowhard chose to beatup a little girl.

Why do we have such stupid cops?


I’m not even going to begin watching it. Mark’s summary was plenty.

That’s really all I have to say right now because jeeeeesusfuckingchristidontknowwhattosayanyfuckingmore


So let’s count the reasons the girl can’t be held responsible for her actions:

  1. She’s a minor, and her brain is still developing.
  2. She’s just had a head injury that impairs her judgement.

And instead of providing the help she needs, they assault her and pepper spray her and deny her the medical attention she needs.

Fuck these assholes. Sue them into the god damn Stone Age.


Obligs, at least given the way I feel right this very moment:


Seems like it’s about time for a second revolution.

How would you initiate that, throw Coca-Cola into the harbour?


There has been for quite some time. Wherever the police have an Us Vs Them mentality and act as an occupying force. Wherever the town is majority minority and all the cops are white and don’t even live there.



How can anyone watch this and then say “the problem with America is that the cops need to be tougher”?


That’s a given considering their training, department policies, practices, and their possession of firearms.

If a cop gives you an unlawful order and you attempt to assert your right not to follow it, to the point that you resist their physical force with your own defensive force, they can beat you, taser you, and even shoot you, usually with no consequences via a get out of trouble free card called “they reached for my gun,” or “I felt threatened.”

Police are often not trained to de-escalate. They’re trained that they are an ultimate authority and any resistance must be met with increasing amounts of force, even if the original “offense” is simply getting into an accident.

They’re like bad parents who issue commands with authority “because I said so,” then yell when resisted, beat when ignored or talked back to, and injure when they get enraged. And “the officer followed training and procedure and has been cleared in an internal department investigation of any wrong doing.”


So, in other words, the police argument for the entire event could be summed up with, “Well, the accident might have seriously harmed her… so we had to slam her against a wall and pepper spray her!”


Are police forces now giving guns to mentally handicapped people? Because the video shows that this cop has no idea what he’s doing. He’s just spitballing and he seems to know that even if he killed a little girl he’d endure no consequences.

Fuck the police. That kind of attitude is unacceptable from a civil servant.


Shouldn’t that be Dunkin Doughnuts and Krispy Kreme?


Ugh. All they had to do was ask for her name an address,. Offer to escort her home so she doesn’t get hit again. Just simple basic empathy.


They don’t train for empathy, de-escalation, or non-violence at police academies.

The departments also aren’t interested in hiring empathetic people, because they tend to take “unnecessary risks” like talking before shooting.


Sounds about right. I used to work with agencies that had to deal with distraught/delusional people daily. They managed to weed out the bad apples pretty quickly.