Florida cop tases 62 year old woman


Of course, turning your back is violently resisting arrest.
Wow, that appeared to be purely vindictive.
Her only crime was being loud – she was nowhere near the officers – he created the problem when he decided to go over there and confront her.

Edit: It sounds like all the arrests were BS:
Now I get the “videographer’s” comment about arresting people for walking in a street that doesn’t have a sidewalk.

In Tuesday's incident, officers were patrolling the 500 block of Dunn Street off Old Bainbridge Road shortly after 5 p.m., DeLeo said in the news conference.

Several people were walking in the street but moved out of the way when another officer drove past them. They walked back into the street behind behind the officer, who then pulled over and approached them. Police reports say the people were blocking traffic.

The officer, according to court documents, got out of his car and approached Quontarrious Jones, 23, and ordered him to stop walking multiple times. Jones was arrested on a charge of resisting without violence.

While Jones was being arrested, Laguna Young, 41, and Quaneshia Rivers, 20, both started yelling at the officers. They, too, were arrested for resisting without violence. Young also was arrested on a charge of probation violation.

Shortly after the arrests, Viola Young approached officers and started yelling at them as they commanded a crowd to stay back from the area. Mahan told her to stay back.

“I just want to know what is going on,” she shouted at officers.


What, officer, did you feel your life was in imminent danger when she turned to walk away from you, you fucking piece of shit?


Rules for interacting with Constabularis horribilis (or any other dangerous animal).

  • Do not make any sudden movements with your hands or body, this may trigger an attack.
  • Keep your voice low and even, shouting may trigger an attack.
  • Do not express fear or anger, this may trigger an attack.
  • Do not turn your back, this may trigger an attack.

Harper said he couldn’t discuss Young’s injuries. She was treated at the
scene and taken to the Leon County Jail on a charge of resisting an
officer without violence.

How dare she go all limp and shit after being tazed!


The Keystone Cops behaved in a more dignified manner than these clowns. What’s the deal with swooping into a neighborhood and cuffing-and-stuffing a bunch of people who aren’t causing trouble? Then to zap a lady in the back? And the kicker: Cop is on PAID leave.


You will do nothing. Move on.

What’s ‘resisting without violence’ when it’s at home? Fucking hell.


You forgot:

  • Try to avoid being black

Man, that’s a long way down, from five-and-half or six feet up to pavement, face first. Youch.


Well they were lucky the cops didn’t shoot them in the back with a real gun - walking in the street while black is a capital offense, as Ferguson has shown.

So that’s the woman that was tased in the back? It looked like she was just walking down the street, trying to get past them. How do people manage to live under these circumstances? And how is it that entire neighborhoods aren’t rising up and just burning down all the local police buildings?


Normally you would assume that the two cars with the different paint jobs were different agencies, but nope, those are both the same department. One of those guys just happens to be driving one of the old beaters that Tallahassee can’t afford to replace or re-paint.

OT but I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this. Police break into someone’s house through a window in the very early morning using a no-knock warrant, one gets killed when the guy who lives there starts shooting, and they want the death penalty for him…


Of course, I don’t actually “like” this, but thank you for linking the story.

EDIT: When the serving of a search warrant is indistinguishable from a home-invasion robbery, no one should be surprised when the residents resist with deadly force.

2nd EDIT:

I have this horrible suspicion that if there were some way to track the frequency of home invasions, that we would find the police to be the people most likely to be breaking down your door in the middle of the night.


Several people were walking in the street but moved out of the way when another officer drove past them. They walked back into the street behind behind the officer, who then pulled over and approached them. Police reports say the people were blocking traffic.

So they were ultimately charged with “resisting without violence” presumably because jaywalking carries a lesser penalty. Of course charging people with jaywalking in an area without a sidewalk sounds like entrapment.


Yeah, I heard the Ferguson PD shot that Eric Holder guy, dead as a doornail.

Oh, I see, you meant poor black people.

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It’s weird, but when my bona fide home invasion robbery happened, I at first thought it was the cops kicking in the door at 2:30 am. But nope, thugs looking for the people who lived there before me.


Nah, being poor isn’t required.

direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8BQakQ7rPY#t=141

In related news, I saw that the head of the Secret Service resigned when it came to light that her agents had not gunned down Whitehouse intruder Omar Gonzalez by unloading fwo full magazines into the back of his suppine torso, in a clear breach of protocol. Perhaps he didn’t raise his hands and voulanteer to surrender first, so the agents missed their cue to pull the trigger?