Texas cop shoots black woman dead in her own home, through her window

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Well said.
Gonna go cry now.


Really nothing more can be said about this tragedy. If the cops had any integrity at all, they would be calling for better screening, better training, more accountability, and to raise money for what has been done to this family.

I’m going to bet that instead, they will blame the victim, close ranks to protect the murderer, and prevent any remediation.



If there is some portion of the white population that is unable to coexist with black people we should be putting them behind bars, not giving them jobs on the police force.


The cops were only on the scene because a neighbor had called the non-emergency number to report that the door was open. So why the hell did the cop show up acting like SEAL Team 6? That’s right, it’s because cops are trained to see everything as a threat and dont get trained on de-escalation (and this scenario had nothing to se-escelate from).

I’m sure the body camera will reveal everything. What’s that, it’s already been edited? Figures.

ETA: and he didnt announce himself as police either while yelling at this poor woman, from outside her home, at 3 in the morning? What the Christ?

Yes there’s some sweeping generalizations in this comment.


Atatiana Jefferson heard something outside her house and walked to the window to see what it was. This is what you would expect someone to do. It could only be percieved as threatening by someone pathologically trained to view everything as a threat.
The call was to the non-emergency number about an open door. Walking up to the front door and asking if everything is ok was all they had to do. There is no justification for a gun to ever have been drawn.


Never call the cops. The only reason to do so is if you’re in a situation that can only be solved by someone coming in with a gun and shooting indiscriminately.

Cops aren’t trained to keep people safe. They’re trained to neutralize all threats to themselves.


In all fairness having a gun in a house in Texas is not normal (sarc)


Have we been told that she was “no angel” yet?


Following SOP of victim-blaming, of course they will “find” something in the house to justify actions after the fact.

Maybe they should clarify that commonly-used motto. It should read, “To Protect and Serve (Ourselves First)”


Texas woman was watching 8-year-old nephew when she was fatally shot


A Fort Worth police officer did not announce that he was an officer before firing a single shot striking Atatiana Jefferson, who was inside the room with the boy, Fort Worth police Lt. Brandon O’Neil said at a news conference Sunday.


Watching Children In Your Own Damn House While Black

Fuck cops. Sorry, but statistically, good cops seem to be a rounding error at this point.


And they’re trained to believe anything breathing (especially people of color) can be a threat to cops. It’s all so fucked up.


Waiting for the NRA to speak up about the injustice of shooting a gun owner in their own home…



I’m gonna brew another pot of coffee. This is may take a while./s

Assuming the gun wasn’t planted, or that the video wasn’t spliced in from other footage.


Isn’t this the same place where Amber Guyger also murdered an innocent black man in his own home? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…


He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, officials added.

And he’s not in jail because…


Came across this site this morning. Found it interesting


I guess after the Amber Guyger conviction, Texas police need to convince themselves that they actually CAN shoot black people in their own home for no reason?


Adding to the tragedy is that the neighbor was trying to be a good neighbor, looking out for the community’s safety. But they made a fatal mistake: involving the police.

Don’t call the cops. Even if you’re not calling the cops “on” someone, even if your intentions are super noble. Inviting the police into a situation endangers everyone - particularly racialized and marginalized people. Unless death is imminent, it’s a reckless and irresponsible thing to do.


If I’m hit by a car, the driver’s insurance will never pay out unless I can show them a police report.

Much of our society is built on the assumption of police involvement.

(Of course that police report will probably say the driver was “just driving along” when a crazy pedestrian “came out of nowhere” and “threw himself on the roof of the car” because police seem to only listen to motorists’ side of the story…)