Police Wake Couple, Murder The One Who Answers



And some wonder why I say cops are dangerous criminals.

If you’re wanted and you’re white, never fear, the cops will go murder a POC instead.


Could they even see inside?

Did they have a description of their suspect?

Did they have any idea who or what they were shooting at?


Apparently they went to the wrong address and shot the unarmed husband through the front door.


number 687.


Yeah I get it, but it still doesn’t make any sense.



Don’t count on skin color for protection, the cops murder twice as many whites as blacks.

Of course there’s six times as many whites as blacks in the population, so it’s pretty clear who the cops’ primary targets are.


Police shootings rarely do.




So never call the cops anymore. Works for me.


Quite seriously, each day there are fewer circumstances under which I’d risk the lives of my family or anyone else by calling the cops. And please note, a large part of why this infuriates me so is because I believe we need good law enforcement more than ever, and instead we have the largest best-armed gang of thieves and murderers preying on the society they’re supposed to protect.


That’s pretty much where I’m at with this too; you’re better off taking your chances with the criminals.

You have cops shooting people through their own squad cars and cops shooting people through closed doors; how the unhappy fuck does that seem even remotely justifiable to anyone?


De’nile’s not just a river in Egypt.


I seriously need for the kid of someone rich, White and “important” to get killed in such a manner by the cops; that’s the only way this shit is gonna change.


Sadly, I’m not sure even that will change things. At this point I’m not sure anything short of war is going to change the course of our fracked-up society. I desperately want to be wrong.


Oh, chin up; there’s always the plague as an alternative. The Bubonic was never cured, y’know; it just burned out in the areas of contagion…



I remember reading about how the rest of the world watched how we conducted our first Civil War in horror at our capacity for bloodshed. There is something really deeply truly wrong with us as a country.

Is it too late to ask Giant Meteor to aim for central Colorado?


Well, when you decide to build a country out of genocide, exploitation, denigration, subjugation, and dehumanization, and then coat it with the veneer of hundreds of years of denial & hypocrisy, the end result we’re now seeing isn’t that surprising, unfortunately.

Garbage in, garbage out.


Inflicting human suffering isn’t a good way to build a better tomorrow. Whodda thunk it? /s

Ugh, I’m getting too macabre. I think it’s time for me to sign of the internet for tonight.


Yep, I can relate.