Police shoot and kill unarmed black man holding a cell phone in his backyard


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This is murder. Get him in court.

America needs to disarm, disempower, and defund the police. There needs to be layoffs and claw back the pensions.







Gosh, these armed pairs of trained law enforcement officers sure do spook easily!


Didn’t you know that black people are terrifying? Their dark skin gives them the magical ability to seem dangerous to white people in any and all circumstances whatsoever.


In an armed society, the cops are trained to shoot first and are usually not penalized for making the wrong decision. Their training includes reviewing real world police fatalities where the “perp” shot first and the cop doesn’t get go home to their family. So the assumption of a gun is more important than an accidental murder.

Meanwhile, we have cops advocating for gun rights. Hrmmm…?

If we took away the blanket protections for cops making mistakes, then maybe they would be more likely to advocate for making their circumstances safer (reducing guns).


How many times do I have to tell myself, just stop being an unarmed black man. All the bad shit seems to happen to them.


If the police just learned to take cover and call for backup instead of running at threats Trump fantasy style, everyone including the police would be safer. And we wouldn’t have so many officers suspended.




Shouldn’t the NRA be raising hell over this considering that he would have been perfectly within his rights to hold a weapon in his own property?


Individuals who frighten so god damn fucking easily have zero business being armed police officers. Maybe they should drive little golf carts around and write parking tickets? They should never be given a gun though.


Alabama’s got me so upset.
Tennesee made me lose my rest,
But everybody knows about American Police


Police said Clark held an “object” that he “extended in front of him” as he approached two officers.

He was filming them. Filming. Them.
Which means there’s a pretty good chance the man’s phone will be “mysteriously damaged” to prevent non-cops from finding out just how murderous their police force really is.


Well, there is your answer. It has been pretty well established that filming a cop in action is a highly threatening action, and that punishment will be swift and sure. /s, just in case…




And the moment you support BLM, they label you a violent terrorist. America is so broken.


I just want to know why they entered his back yard.

I’d like to share a story about how police treat races differently. A few months ago the police were chasing a robbery suspect. The suspect ran up on our porch and tried to enter one of the front doors. This is an older house with a “spare” room for renters. Well, my oldest friend has that room and was woken by the sound of the door being rattled and a scuffle on the front porch. He opened the door with gun in hand and leveled it in the face of a cop who was holding down the suspect with 2 other cops. They looked at him and said “It’s ok sir, we have this”. He shut the door and they never even knocked to let us know they were leaving. They simply left with the suspect.
That is white privilege people. A white man can draw a gun, point it at a cops face, and be called Sir but a black man making a phone call in his back yard is a danger and needs to be shot.