Black security guard shot dead by police after preventing a mass shooting


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The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a white guy with a gun. /s



I guess they’re admitting cop’s jobs are killing black men, and not protecting the peace?

Also, they didn’t basically kill him. They killed him.


Don’t hold your breath.

And when it comes, it will be loathsome.


all I ever here from the NRA is that all that is needed is a good guy with a gun to stop the bad guys with a gun, unless the good guy is black - right NRA and republican America? Fucking bunch of idiots


So much for deterring shootings by being the “Good guy with a gun”. /sigh

My condolences to the family and friends of this brave man. May justice be swift in coming.


Semi-professional security guard with no LEO training (he had had CCW training) was able to stand being shot out and chase off and disarm at least one bad guy without killing anyone with more restraint and professionalism than you’d even ask for from an LEO. LEO, on the other hand, shoots the first black guy they see.

Tell me again why the police are to be more trusted with firearms than the guy off the street?


I don’t understand that qualifier. Unless maybe he lingered and took a while to die, but even then - they killed him.

NRA: But if the security guard had had a gun…


Here’s what I’ve learned in my years in the US. Don’t ever move to anywhere with a Cook County, even on TV shows they seem to be crazy town.


“all that is needed is a (white) guy with a gun to stop the (black) guys with a gun”



A hero and a martyr. Will it ever be enough to prompt serious changes in police forces? It’s already been far too late in coming… that much I know.


I think what they meant was ‘basically murdered him’, in the criminal meaning of ‘killed’.


What I’ve learned in my years in the US is that it’s always a bad idea to call the cops unless the situation is already so bad the only possible solution is violence and death.

Police are trained to be fearful and rely on the gun as a primary tool for negotiating stressful situations.

They are too dangerous to be called in a civil society.


Is there really anyone who did not see a situation like this coming? Cops on a hair trigger, while pressure to have “better protection in public venues” increases the number of armed security personnel. These don’t mix. Add in the run-of-the-mill hero wannabe who is carrying on the basis of “what if something happens and I am the only one who can stop it.” Of course, that happened in Lexington, and the “whites don’t kill whites” guy let the killer drive off. I would say welcome to the wild west, but the actual wild west was much better controlled than this is.


The wild west very frequently banned carrying firearms within town limits.


In the actual wild west you were required to check your guns in and leave them with the sheriff if you wanted to do business in town.

Because they knew letting people walk around with guns all the time in town was a stupid idea that leads to shootings.


My point exactly.


And one has to wonder under what circumstances this vital knowledge was lost.


Where’s the NRA on this? I wonder why not… hmm…