Black security guard shot dead by police after preventing a mass shooting

The realization that black people and liberals can get guns too.


Nah, this knowledge was lost when corporations like smith and wesson figured out they’ve got more power than real people and that they’d prefer to make money all the time instead of most of the time.


Unfortunately the southern suburbs of Chicago have a long history of racism & prejudice.

The whole OK Corral shootout that is so mythologized was about gun confiscation - the Earps went to confiscate the Clanton’s guns and to enforce the local ban on carrying guns in town.

I’m actually astonished that we haven’t seen that gunfight retrofitted into a gun control argument.


“And they still did their job, and saw a black man with a gun, and basically MURDEREDkilled him.”



No sarcasm tag needed; that’s exactly what the people who spout such nonsense usually mean.





And whether in any legal sense there is anything to stop a town today keeping all guns out of the town itself in the same way as they did back then?


Well it was tried in at least 1 FL town (blanking on name) but it was tied up by NRA lawyers and state laws that basically put the town administration in legal jeopardy if they persisted.


“The guy off the street” who had a gun was the one who started the shootout in the first place.

Maybe, just maybe, we’d be better off if NONE of the people in this scenario had guns?


This isn’t a “Chicago” problem. This could have happened in any city in America. And often does.


Fixed that.


This is part of what’s always bothered me about the, uh, DIY-law enforcement gun enthusiasts. Assuming the people trying to resolve a dangerous situation with their guns don’t make the situation worse (which, statistically, they usually do), they have a high chance of being shot by when the police show up. A “high chance” being about 100% if the person is black.

The “good guy” = white guy, “bad guy” = black guy has been a consistent position of the NRA, ironically expounded upon at great length by this (murderous white) guy:

TL;DR: It wasn’t a case of overzealous “self defense” either - the guy was a violent young thug who committed various gun crimes including armed robbery and murdering his girlfriend’s mother because she annoyed him. Sloppy policework and white privilege got his conviction overturned and they didn’t re-prosecute him. That didn’t stop him from years of writing opinions about how white people needed guns to protect themselves from dangerous black “thugs” (who shouldn’t be allowed guns, of course).
And of course the NRA was suddenly (and briefly) fine with gun control when the Black Panthers started carrying guns in California.

Well, historically true, anyways…

Because, almost always (with very few exceptions), the guy off the street manages to do a significantly worse job in resolving a situation using a gun. Which, rather frighteningly, is really saying something.

And it’s likely he felt completely justified in doing so, too - someone had probably done something he felt threatened (disrespected) him, and this was the appropriate response. I keep thinking of a study that showed that gun owners who thought they were “defending” themselves in “dangerous” situations were actually the ones being the aggressors, acting illegally.

The NRA’s spokesmonsters have previously said things that suggested that a guy who was fatally shot by the cops would still be alive if he had pre-emptively shot them. Of course, the dead person was white - they’ll have nothing to say in this case.

No. Shooting other people doesn’t bother them any. Getting shot themselves isn’t even a cause for reflection - it just means they feel the need to be pre-emptively shooting more people.


Someone on Fox News telling the rubes that the victim was no angel in 3…2…1…


my skin is dark…

I’m not sure even a white security guard with a gun getting shot by a cop would make the NRA backpedal on the “good guy with a gun” routine.


Bad guy with a gun murders good guy with a gun


It’s amazing how Ronald Reagan was all on board with strict gun control when the Black Panthers started carrying, and how he was suddenly all against it when white people realized that gun control would affect them, too.


And how he finally signed a bill allowing background checks but only after a nut with a gun put a bullet in him.