Angry Louisiana cops strangle man to death after he asks to see his arrest warrant

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"Philip Stinson, an associate professor of criminal justice at Bowling Green State University, disagreed that the officers were to blame for escalating the conflict. Officers are entitled to use as much force as necessary while making an arrest, Stinson said.

“When a police officer says that they have a warrant for you, you need to get off the tractor and come with us, that’s not negotiable. You can’t negotiate that, even if it turns out there wasn’t a warrant or it was an invalid warrant,” Stinson said.

I feel sorry for Mr Stinson’s pupils for having to learn about criminal justice from a fascist maniac. It’s absolutely “negotiable” to be informed about why you are being arrested before being murdered. Anyone who says differently is spreading misinformation and should be locked up along with these officers.


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Well, that’s nice.

It’s certainly one way of ensuring local news stays local.


It may be different if the cops were wearing their MAGA caps. That article of attire by itself can and does negate any and all parts of the US constitution as is seen on a daily basis.


Like the Great Firewall of China, but keeping people from getting in…


So, as far as the neighbours are concerned, the dispute has been resolved, in their favour, and without involving any expensive legal action. Well, none involving them; the unwitting tools of their dispute may have to go through some disciplinary action.


Killers is a euphemism. Let’s call the cops what they are: murderers. The disgruntled neighbor may as well have called a hit on Frank.



" We use any and all data on you, the visitor, that we can get our digital hands on. We further use, sell and manipulate that data in ways you would never agree to. But ever since this has been outlawed in the EU by that pesky GDPR, we choose to simply not have you as a visitor as opposed to cleaning up our act of data-traffickers."


Strangulation takes time and effort. They KNEW he was dying. This is cold blooded murder.


Exactly what kind of dispute with a neighbor could lead to an arrest warrant? The only thing I can think of is if Frank here was waving a weapon and directly threatening bodily harm…and even then would that be a warrant, or would it be a phone call to 911.

And who were all the other plain clothed people there? Were those citizens helping the police? Trying to help the man? How were they involved with putting their hands on another citizen?


Under Apartheid in South Africa there was a steady progression of dispensing with all pretense of the rule of law until eventually authorities were torturing blacks to death. I’d argue were much closer to the end of that process than the beginning.


If I was told that in class, I would be extremely likely to immediately walk right out of the class and take my complaint to the Dean on the spot.

And it would probably do me a fat lot of good.


Yup, that would be the relevant quote. How much force was “necessary” here? Who gets to decide that?

According to this:

the warrants were for “burglary of an inhabited dwelling and criminal trespassing”.



(Yes BB, “thank you” is a complete damned sentence)


Wow could that article minimize what we can see for ourselves any further?


I’m sure the color of his skin had nothing to do with the summary execution.


Send them to Angola, this is just egregious. You have a goddamned right to know why you’re being arrested, you have a right to see the warrant for your arrest. Those are things that they made real damned sure to bake into the legal foundations of the United States because the British government were just as thuggish as the present American criminal justice system.

The man wasn’t threatening in any way, and don’t put someone in a choke hold unless you want them dead. Yeah, it’s possible to use it to subdue a person with no long-term negative effects, but you are taking a massive risk because there are a whole lot of things that kind of stress on the body can suddenly turn fatal which would have otherwise been okay–and that’s apart from the fact that it’s literally a strangulation hold. It’s not a self defense technique, it’s not a safe control/submission technique, it’s a murder technique that you have way less control over than you think you do.


There is a simple hold to a person’s head that will get them out of a seat in a car, truck, or in this case, a tractor. It doesn’t touch the neck and safely steers them in the direction you want with little discomfort. These guys didn’t want anything but to injure or kill this man. The first thing an officer should do in a circumstance like this is take the vehicle key if possible. The arrest then becomes a talking/waiting game.


When or if Mr. Stinson ever gets arrested, I wonder if he will still hold the same position as he does in this quote. I can just picture the defense attorney in Mr. Stinson’s lawsuit against the police department.

Your Honor, yes the police did body slam Mr. Stinson to the ground repeatedly during the course of the arrest. But according to Associate Professor Stinson of Bowling Green State University, “Officers are entitled to use as much force as necessary while making an arrest.”



Nullus liber homo capiatur, vel imprisonetur, aut dissaisiatur, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut aliquo modo destruatur, nec super eum ibimus, nec super eum mittemus, nisi per legale judicium parium suorum vel per legem terrae.