Cop squirts something unpleasant into faces of handcuffed teens




Clearly they were resisting arrest.


Who the f is Les Grossman?

Also, kid on the right, I know it’s very unpleasant but c’mon.


Did the cop not know the cell was under video surveillance and recording?

Or was he just so arrogantly confident that his colleagues would hide his assault on restrained suspects that he didn’t care?


Too hard to judge without the audio - that punk could have been sassing the officer.


Well, one of those three things is righteous :cry:


That’s a pretty cut and dry case of battery right there.


That kid wanted his college paid for, right?


Also, kid on the right, I know it’s very unpleasant but c’mon.

You’ve clearly never been pepper sprayed. It’s not “very unpleasant” - it’s debilitating. The whole point of it is that it’s a weapon to incapacitate an opponent through blinding pain. The kid on the left barely reacted; I’m guessing it was because the cop’s shot just missed him or he just deked but didn’t actually hit the spray button, not because he’s some kind of super stoic - nobody reacts that minimally to police-grade pepper spray.


That’s the most surprising thing about this- that the video got out, when it came from the police department instead of a person on the street.


As long as we keep expanding the arsenal of torture implements issued to police, they will keep using them casually.


Please post a video of someone pepper spraying you in the face so we can see how an Internet Tough Guy takes it.


I tried to imagine what kind of person would say something like this. Like, when another human shows obvious signs of being in agony, but you assume they’re just faking or over-acting…what’s going on in your head? That’s got to be a disorder or something.

But then I realized that must be exactly the mentality that cops and prison guards have all the time.


I don’t have words to express how fucking gross you are.

Thanks @zikzak for expressing it better than I could.


I react to military grade pepper spray as minimally as the kid on the left, and I’ve seen people affected just as dramatically as the one on the right. Not everyone is affected in the same way.


Read on, grasshopper. “He will retain his job because the mayor has the final say over police personnel matters, KMOV reported.”


My kids don’t like to take naps, either. But I usually draw the line at the loss of Disney, Jr. priviledges.




In his defense, maybe CannibalChicken watches a lot of soccer.


Thanks OtherMichael, but really you shouldn’t be seen with me. It seems i’m a sociopathic, human turd with prison guard latencies. I believe Mark has me on a list.