Cop squirts something unpleasant into faces of handcuffed teens

Do you wear hard, gas-permeable contact lenses?

The reaction of the kid on the right is not unlike mine when I get a speck of dust under a lens. It’s like somebody jams an icepick into my eye, and wiggles it around. It is sooooooooo much fun when it happens on the commute home at 80 mph.

I appreciate the example but do you drive off the highway and explode into flames when this happens? Because I feel that would be approximate to the “kid on the right’s” reaction.

I’ve been intentionally pepper sprayed once (and secondarily contaminated to varying degrees three other times). It SUCKS and I was out of commission for at least a half hour with the even the least of those secondary exposures. The direct hit had me out of work for two days and I swear it came with a light case of PTSD. I am not tough by any means, but I chose to clench my fists, repeat “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” and let the tears and mucus do their thing. I did not flail around in some tantrum like state. And I would certainly not do so to the satisfaction of some asshole pig who just WMD’d me in the face for his entertainment.

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If I was on video and had an audience? I would definitely ham it up.

I’m sure your stoicism does your father proud.

There are no words “that punk” could ever say that could justify this assault from someone who is supposed to be a professional in a position of authority.

It sounds like you think the state ought to be corrupt and totalitarian. You’re undermining society and prosperity and America.

Wait! I thought of some words that could justify it: “Sir, if you spray me in the face on video, I’ll subpoena the video and sue the city, then you and I can secretly split the settlement proceeds 50-50. It’s the perfect crime!”
Except then the officer’s actions are garden-variety corruption and fraud, so that doesn’t cut the mustard either. Nope, there are no words that could possibly justify it.


That punk could have used biting sarcasm.


I don’t think they pepper spray restrained teens in socialist countries.

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yeah and if I was a kid who hadn’t ever been pepper sprayed and got pepper sprayed when I wasn’t doing anything by a cop I might think “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck this guy just sprayed some shit in my face that is going to blind me for life because he is a cop and I am in his control and that is the kind of shit it would be reasonable to expect that an American cop does to the people he has in his control” but probably I wouldn’t say all that stuff because I wouldn’t want people to think I was overreacting. I would probably just stick with the oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, downplay it a bit. The next few times it happened though I’d be all macho like you, damn straight.


In some of them, the odds of a cop ever needing to use any sort of weapon during the course of their entire career is pretty low.


Video also here:

True, it’s why police shootings went up in some cities after pepper spray and tazers were introduced. Police would use the non-lethal options as corporal punishment, and it just served to make their victim angry, leaving the cops no option but to shoot.

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Flinching from an attack to the face is instinctual, it also makes sense to attempt to block an attack, both of which this person does.

The absolute depth of stupidity would be to allow someone to continue to attack a specific point, UFC Heavyweight World Champion or no. You are posturing in a way that literally the best fighters on the planet would not.

Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and do not head butt it to prove to your reflection that you are the bigger man.


Or goat.

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Strangely enough, that’s the attitude that most police must have of themselves.

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May need to reset your sarcasm detector just a tad. :wink:

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