Video shows cop robbing and pepper-spraying man




Another bad apple?

Eventually even the most zealous copologist must begin to suspect the barrel, no?


The officer’s identity is not known.

One word: crowdsourcing.

Netizens have proven very good at identifying mystery people, if NYPD can’t (or, more likely from what I’ve heard, won’t) do it’s job.


Misread as coprologist.

Meh. Same thing.


wow - I never thought I would give birth to a neologism!

obviously the video doesn’t tell the whole story… etc etc etc (/snark)


Especially NYPD. From what I’ve heard, many NY cops really do think of themselves as soldiers in a war zone, end everyone not wearing a badge is the enemy.


The public is totally overreacting to this video. What you don’t see that happened before the video started is that Mr. Joyce asked the police officer if he would pepper spray him for his birthday and his friends would get it on tape (it’s like the ice bucket challenge). The police officer, being a fiscally responsible public servant, was concerned about taxpayer-funded police supplies being wasted on internet meme videos and told Mr. Joyce that the taxpayers would need to be reimbursed for the use of the supplies. So the officer made sure that the public was compensated and then, as promised, provided the pepper-spray. Afterwards, the officer used the money to buy orphaned kittens from veteran military families some American flag t-shirts to keep warm after he rescued them from a burning kitten orphanage.

See? Everything’s fine!


When cops are indistinguishable from robbers, what do you call the game?


Cops and Everyone Else


Pic reminds me of this: ‘PoliceChief Henry Blince was the kind of cop a kid would draw’.-Steve Aylett

  • Precipitated by call to police, report of seeing man with a gun

  • Coney Island, which is known for violence

  • Midweek, early a.m. hour

  • Loitering in park, which is closed at this hour

  • $1,000 in cash


Not to mention that mini-skirt he was wearing


HEY! thats my line!


@CarlMud is actually @theghostofPaulHarvey?

  • Fourth Amendment recently repealed


So really, what’s your point?

I read the linked article, where I found this:

Your bullet points are the classic (woefully inadequate) standards necessary for Civil Asset Forfeiture, but even that laughable excuse for robbery by cops requires a teeny bit of paperwork.

The “confiscating” cop has to file an affidavit, he has to declare what he stole confiscated and why, and he has to give the victim presumed criminal a receipt for the property.

Officer PepperSpray does not seem to have done either of those things, which makes this simply robbery.



How dare you! Sullying the name/profession of coprologists everywhere!

Engaging in the scientific study of feces is entirely different than being a giant piece of feces.




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